Wednesday, June 24, 2015

2015 Goals + Resolutions Check In

I shared all of my goals and resolutions at the end of 2014 and with 2015 half over now is the perfect time to see how I'm doing!

Personal Goals

Healthier Me
I had lots of ideas for this that had kind of worked in the past, and then I found Fit Girls Guide. Now, I've only done this for 1.5 months and that isn't long but I'm enjoying the stuff I'm eating AND seeing progress. My exercise definitely needs work, and I have 6 months to work on that!!

Read 125 Books
I'm at 81 of 125, so I'm past the halfway mark!!!

Try a New Things Each Month
January - Gasparilla!!
February - Sunrise / Sunset
March - Blogger Get Together Mingle
April - Mardi Gras at Universal and a Concert
May - ????
June - Movie on the beach

Live By Myself
I did it! I moved out and am living on my own. There have been a few tears, but mostly just enjoying the solitude and responsibility that comes with making my own decisions completely. Enjoy? That may be too strong of a word.

I'm pretty confident that I've been and will keep rocking my personal goals. It's the business and blog goals that I'm thinking need re-working.

I originally had specific goals that just didn't fit in with where I was blogging and business wise. Getting sick, moving, feeling like you're in a holding pattern really hindered and made me re-evaluate these goals.

Blog Goals

Post one DIY or recipe each month.
I always have intentions of doing this but these take so much work, preparation and time! Kudos to the food bloggers that ONLY blog about that because it's so much easier for me to tell you what I did last season or what I read than make something and remember to take pics of every step!

Post one video (makeup, haul, books, any ideas, etc.) a month.
Yeah, when my life (and place of dwelling) is kind of a mess it's hard to do things like sit down and record a video. I stopped all of my subscriptions to save some $$$ and I didn't have internet for about a month so I couldn't watch any inspiring Youtube videos, blah! This is still a goal, but I'm not making any promises!

Sponsor one blog a month.
I actually had a sponsor spot booked MONTHS in advance and by the time it came around I wasn't in the right place to take advantage of it. I swapped with Julia recently and am still open to swaps if you're interested, but feel like I need to get back in my groove before I do some more swapping or sponsoring.

Business Goals

Bring on at least one new client.
I still have five months for this to happen, although I ended up doing some side work for my full time job. *taps chin* I could count that if I need to since I got paid and I'd never done anything like that for them before.

Finish my business site.
Yeah, this goes along with re-designing my blog and I just need to feel motivated I think. I still have time to do this. That's one of the great things about a long time to do something you can do it whenever as long as it's done by the time you set for yourself!

How are you doing on your goals for 2015?


  1. I think you are doing awesome. Moving is a big goal and takes up a lot of time. I think once you are fully settled you'll have time to work on the others. keep it up!

  2. I think you're doing a great job!! Living by yourself is a huge one and girl you are killing those books! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Wow girl! You are killing your goals! 81 books already?! Dang! And living by yourself is definitely a huge one! I never lived by myself so you got me beat there!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. Good luck with all your goals!! You're doing a great job. Keep on pushing. You'll be surprised at all you can accomplish in a short amount of time. I feel you on the YouTube goal.

  5. WOW... I'm impressed with your book count.
    & good for you on getting out on your own. Keep striving for it all girl!

  6. Holy books girl! You're doing amazing, and congrats on the healthy changes and living on your own. You're already rockin' 2015 :-D

  7. I think you are doing great with your goals!!! Living by yourself is a huge move and change!! And 81 books??? I am not sure I have read 81 books in my life, yet alone a year. That is probably an exaggeration, but you get my point!

  8. I would be doing better if time wasn't flying by like crazy!!! Seriously how is it the end of June already??

  9. Sounds like you're doing great! 81 books is amazing! I used to read constantly and this year I have had so much less time to read and it makes me sad!

  10. 81 books? Can we say, soulmate? hahaha. But seriously! I love to read and I love that you have such an amazing goal for the year. I didn't really set out to do any resolutions this year, but I am wondering if I shouldn't decide on some mid-year ones to keep me going. I also love your blog and business goals. They look attainable but still pushing yourself to the next level. Keep up the amazing work!


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