Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I must confess...

I am obsessed with the Fridge Pie Oats from Fit Girls Guide, but with frozen strawberries. Makes it taste like strawberry short cake!!

I've been looking at patio furniture for my new place even though it's the last thing I should be concerned with. Isn't this set so cute?

I legit thought it was Thursday and was confused why the weather channel was trying to show me weather for Wednesday.

I only packed two boxes last weekend. They were full of DVDs and TV on DVD...only. Haven't even started on my books.

I'm rocking the meal prep portion of the Fit Girls Guide, but the workouts are another story. They're simple rep workouts but after I spend the time prepping I just want to sit and do nothing. I'm already looking forward to the next round when I'll be in my new place. I think I'll prep with mom on Sundays and then since I'll be living alone with no dog hair I'll be bored enough to work out, lol!

My eye has been itching hurting but you can't see anything in the lower lid where the sensation is. Yesterday I went ahead and wore contacts since it was raining and I hate wearing glasses in the rain but today I thought I'd try and give it a rest.

I left my Fitbit charging at work so when I went to Target to return my Lilly for Target wedges, it was no steps for you!

Oh! On the Fit Girls Guide even without exercise, I'm down 6 pounds and I still haven't done my measurements!

Started watching Daredevil on Netflix this weekend with the family and was trying to get them on the Netflix binge wagon. Dad is not interested...if it was Star Trek I'm sure he would change his mind.

I started watching Addicted to Saving for coupon match ups deals. If you have any favorite sites like this or Hot Coupon World send them my way!

Another way I've been saving money is using the library and Overdrive. If you don't know what Overdrive is and you're a reader you are missing out!!

Giveaways on Goodreads are awesome too. If you mark a book to read and a giveaway comes up for it they will probably send you alerts to new giveaways. Shannon Stacey was a favorite author of mine a few years ago so I like to watch for new stuff by her like this giveaway going on for a book coming out.

Do you have anything you need to get off your chest?

Making Melissa


  1. Overdrive is AWESOME!!! I legit thought the last two days have been TWO WEEKS. Feel ya for sure!

  2. Your progress on the fit girls is amazing - keep it up girl!! I hate when I forget to wear my's like how will I know how much I walk! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. Great job on all of your meal prepping so far- it sounds like the program is going well for you even if you're not keeping up with the exercise right now. My husband just mentioned Daredevil-- I had never heard of it, but it has so many good ratings. The elibrary and overdrive app are my favorite-- you're right about saving money! I'm always so happy when they have a book that I want to read!

  4. Can't wait to see your new place, and that patio furniture is super cute! I've been on the hunt for a new set too :)

    And ughhhhh thinking it's Thursday when it's only Wednesday is the worst! Hopefully Friday will be here before we know it!

  5. Down 6 lbs?!?!?! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!

    I hate when I leave my FitBit somewhere! I try to charge it overnight when I'm sleeping so I don't miss anything :)

  6. 6lbs?! Way to goooo...everyone says Daredevil is awesome, but I haven't watched yet. I didn't know you were moving, how fun!

  7. Those fridge oats look yummy! And are those drawers on that patio furniture? Because that is so cool! Congrats on the 6 pounds!!! That is so awesome!!! Eating is the hardest thing for me, so I am loving that you are doing well with that portion. I am trying to get there :) We so got this!

  8. Those fridge oats look amazing! I need to start using my goodreads more often, didn't know about the perks!

  9. Congrats on the weight loss girl!! Keep rocking it! :) And that patio furniture set is SO cute!! I really need to get some stat!

  10. Congrats on 6 pounds down! I need to remember to use my libraries overdrive. I have so many books waiting to read. Struggle is real! Those oats look so taste, and love the patio set!

  11. I would totally want to get that patio set too!

  12. that patio set is awesome!! Congrats on the weight loss :)


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