Monday, March 9, 2015

Freakin' Birthday Weekend

Happy Monday!!

We're headed South to V Beach to look for shark teeth. I'm looking forward to the car ride so I can listen to my latest book on tape, You by Carolina Kepnes. It's creepy and not my normal read but I need to finish it so I can say I read something other than romance, lol.

I was going to post Friday and then I decided I was going to follow in Boomer's shoes and be super lazy. I ended up reading two books and another two yesterday. It's safe to say I have had little activity or work done this weekend and Sunday I had A LOT to get through.

You may have seen my WTF Instagram post when I showed up at MAC to purchase the Cinderella items I missed buying last week. I am SUCH a newbie to MAC that I absolutely had no idea what I was setting myself up for. After the store only had one of the three items I was looking for I thought I was SOL, but I happened to check online when I got back to the office and they had the HEA lip glosses available!!!!!!!!!!

*happy dance*

So, now that it's shipped I can share my Birthday giveaway specifically for my readers.

Good news is this isn't open to everybody. That's right, you must have previously commented on this blog over the last two years. The easiest way to check if you're not sure is to use the search function on the sidebar with what your blogger name is. I'll be double checking, just so you know.

What am I giving away?!

Tarte Blush and Eye Palette with Brush
MAC Happily Ever After Cinderella Lip Gloss
Revlon Nude Lipstick
Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
Sparkly Gold Cup with Straw
Cake Batter Chapstick
Urban Decay Setting Spray
Sweet Filthy Boy Book and Button
Heidi Swapp Ampersand Marquee

I could find more stuff to throw in there, but those things are definitely going in.

How do you enter?

Just leave me a comment and if you're a no reply comment blogger, make sure to leave your email or something like your Insta or Twitter so I can get ahold of you. Just to be safe, you might still leave one of those.

On the Birthday gifts note...I need to give a special shout out to Kerry for sending me fabulous pink mug size tea cup!! I love it! It's sooo prefect for me.

My parents and sister were able to pull off the 30 Gifts for my 30th Birthday like I put together in this list. I recorded myself opening them and will share that soon!

Don't forget you can enter my $175 Paypal cash with friends giveaway still!

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  1. Happy birthday! Awesome give away! MAC makeup rules. :)

  2. Happy Happy birthday! Such a fantastic giveaway!! You are far too kind girl!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. WOAH that's a crazy line for the Cinderella products. I definitely need to see if anything is still in-stock online, I'd love to check them out! What a fun giveaway - I just found your blog through Biana's linkup!

  4. What a fabulous giveaway! I hope you have a fun weekend!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! I am going to have to get to MAC and check out that collection soon! It is just gorgeous! Such a fabulous giveaway! Hope you have a great week :)

  6. Oo yay, fun giveaway! Glad you had a wonderful birthday weekend and got all of your wishes! :)

  7. What a thoughtful way to celebrate your birthday :)
    Thanks for doing a giveaway

  8. So glad you had a great birthday weekend! I knew it had to be a pink mug! ;) So awesome your Mom and Sister came up with the rest from your list.

  9. Happy birthday!! Such wonderful things you are giving away. Enjoy your little road trip!

  10. that is so fabulous you were able to get all your presents :) you'll have to let us know how that book is, sounds interesting!
    man i wanted the cinderella stuff, but no way i could afford it, like you i'm such a MAC newbie anyway ;) that giveaway looks awesome though, you are so thoughtful! fingers crossed ;) i might squeal if i win! Kerry is so sweet to send you a mug! She sent me one and I just love it!

  11. Isn't the MAC Cinderella stuff gorgeous? I want it all, but unfortunately my wallet disagrees with me and my birthday isn't until June. Le sigh.

  12. What a cool giveaway :) I'm so glad you were able to get the MAC glosses you wanted online. I've never tried to buy anything from a special collection, but it always sounds like it's crazy to get your hands on a lot of the items. I can't wait to see the gifts from your parents and sister!

  13. The MAC cinderella collection is fab but word to the wise ... buy them online when they're released because special collections in MAC sell out quick ... and people go cray - as evidenced by you insta-post

  14. Happy, happy birthday girl! What an amazing giveaway - you should be showering yourself with gifts but I won't put up too much of a fight since this is so great! I've been totally dreaming of the MAC cinderella collection so totally keeping my fingers crossed!

  15. Happpppy Birthday (a few days late) Hope you had a good one! <3


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