Thursday, March 5, 2015

Choose Your Own Adventure: Relationships + Giveaway

Life According to Steph

This post should be title Heather Fails at all things in February. On top of not doing any of the creative things listed, I also "started" lent not wanting to buy makeup and that has definitely not happened.

These were my February creative goals, and even though I am a creative I just didn't do any of these things this month.

This month the challenge is Create. I've listed things for each category that I'd like to get done and if I accomplish only one it will have been a success!

DIY: One of the things I purchased almost all of the supplies for was a vanity area. Now, I bought this stuff during my LAST January spending challenge as one of the things I was allowed to spend money on but I've done NOTHING to actually put it together.

Recipe: I want to share one recipe a month and this month there isn't one on the book so I need to look through my recipe arsenal and do all the work that goes into sharing a recipe on the blog. What kind of recipe would you like to see?

Art: I bought more little canvases to paint Tiffany blue and I still have my large canvases that I need to cover up with the simple design, lol.

Fashion: I need to pull out my screen printing stuff again and get my ideas out of my head. It just takes a lot more time than I've been wanting to invest.

Since I didn't do any of those things, what did I do creatively?

I created graphics for my side business, HEA Ink. I baked cupcakes and made cute little cake in a jar things with the leftover batter. I perfected using my makeup with the Beauty Blender.

For March, the goal is relationships and even though I constantly think about my relationship with myself I want to focus on bettering myself. Eating healthy, drinking tons of water and exercising. The light shall finally be on when I get home from work thanks to DST FINALLY starting this weekend. So, that means I can't use that as an excuse anymore!

I also want to improve the relationship with my sister. We have pretty opposite schedules with her being a bartender up all night and me being a 7-5 gal it's a little hard to get phone time. I'm pretty much sure of her days off and I want to make an effort to call her on those days.

Work friends are important and we've had a blast the few times we've all grabbed a drink after work so I want to try and organize one of those this month.

What are you doing to strengthen your relationships with others and yourself?

Now it's time for a Birthday + Blogiversary Giveaway with my friends!!

Today I'm turning 30 and it's very cool that it's my Birthday but it's also a pretty big mile marker age, right?

Well, I never wanted to forget when I started my blog so I launched it on my Birthday two years ago making it a Blogiversary as well.

Last year I didn't do much but this year I kind of did it up. On top of the $175 Paypal cash with my friends, I've been collecting things and will post that giveaway SPECIFICALLY for MY blog readers and friends tomorrow!!

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  1. I'll join you on the drinking more water and exercising! Gotta improve the relationships we have with ourselves!

  2. I am trying to work on myself this month as well. And I hope to do a lot better at it than my creative goals for last month which were laughable!!!!

    Welcome to the 30 and up club! You are among good company :) Happy Birthday!!!!!

  3. First of all happy happy birthday and thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I'm trying to be more present and not on social media 24/7 lol!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! So cool! Happy Birthday!

  5. Your relationship with yourself was a great idea for this! I wish I'd thought of that. I am planning on spending more time with my dog, though, and he probably needs it as much as I do, after this long, frigid winter.

  6. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER!!!! And Happy Blogiversary!!

    This year to help strengthen my relationship with others I'm trying to spend more time with everyone. I'm a homebody and tend to withdraw without realizing it.

  7. Happy birthday Heather!!!!

    I'm glad to see self on a lot of relationship goal lists for March. It's so important and often the most neglected.

  8. Happy Birthday!! It is so important to take care of yourself first. I need to work on my relationship with one of my best friends, her schedule is off from mine so it's harder to connect with her.

  9. Happy Birthday!! The 30's are my favorite decade so far, it's a good place to be! :) Love your goals to take care of yourself!

  10. Happy birthday Heather! Popping over from several of the giveaway host's blogs where I saw the giveaway and heard it's your birthday. Also following your blog now.

  11. First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) Thanks again for including me in such a fun giveaway! Even if you didn't knock out the things you were hoping in February you still accomplished a lot! I can't wait to hear how all of March goes for you!

  12. happy belated birthday gorgeous!!
    i think you did way more than me in feb, even if you didn't complete your actual goals ;) and i love that you included your sister and bettering yourself for your relationship goals, they are both things i think we don't think about and take for granted, so really focusing on them is so smart! :) good luck!

  13. Happy belated birthday!!!

    I would have flunked at the "create" prompt as well. Im not the most creative person. Relationships however I can totally do Good for you for wanting to improve the relationship with your sis!


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