Wednesday, March 4, 2015

30 Before 30 - How I Did

Almost a year ago I realized I had just one year until I would be in my thirties. Thirty is something that used to scare me. I couldn't imaging being thirty at 21 and back then I also thought I would die if I wasn't married by now; my how things change.

When I made this list, I knew, or thought I knew some things that were going to happen. Turns out, I was mostly right and then there were things I just never made time for. That's what it comes down to for me. I have a lot of things to do, and sometimes instead of doing them I revert back to my hidey hole and curl up with a good book. I'm a creature of habit 99% of the time, but this list certainly helped bring me out every once in a while.

1// Pay off my car
I only had a couple payments left, so it wasn't that bad to make a little larger payment for a few months but I', so glad I did!
2// Leave the country
I can't thank A enough for planning and putting together a trip that I have so many memories from...and putting up with me and my bitchiness, lol. Read all about Europe in these posts.
3// Get a Bikini Wax
This one has it's own post, but I was so glad I did this, not once but twice and I still have another visit I can still use.
4// Get my Conceal Carry License + a gun
This one was time and money. Didn't have both at the same time or I would forget to schedule it, lol. It'll be on the next list!
5// Get Head Shots
Thanks to C for taking these for me.
6// Get a massage
I've had one before, but this has never been a priority though they are nice. Not sure if I'll add this to the next list or not.
7// Attend a NFL game
I'm TOTALLY counting this because...I didn't see a NFL Game, but I watched UCF vs. USF play in an NFL stadium.
8// Get business cards made
I actually did this twice. Once, thinking I would combine my design business and my blog. Didn't work out for me, waste of money but whatever.
9// Set up online portfolio
Sadly this never got done. That will DEFINITELY be on my list because it's imperative to my design business that people have a reference of my talen.
10// Get my passport
Had to have this for Europe or who knows, it may have never been done either.
11// Go on a cruise
The conference portion of Blogcation got cancelled, so the girls I was going to room with; we all decided to forgo the cruise and lost out on some money but still got some back so it felt like a little bit of a bonus and I got to use the money saved up to buy my new iPhone!
12// Lose 20 lbs.
Yeah, this didn't happen and I need to stop putting it on lists so I don't feel bad about not losing weight.
13// Complete the C25k program
Something always happens when I try to start this, but I'm going to give it a go again as soon as DST starts this weekend!!
14// Read a non-fiction book
I actually read two? I think, because I just finished Mindy Kaling's book on audio.
15// Take a sewing class
I need to take another one of these and actually make something besides an a bag!
16// Give 100% tip
I might add this again, or something similar. It's JOY week on the Bobby Bones show this week and I'm still looking for my opportunity although I may have just had a thought.
17// Clean out my emails (42,000+)
Excuse me while I laugh in the face of this item on my list. I will NEVER be one to clean out my inbox. Even new email accounts I started recently have unopened emails. I just don't open them all.
18// Write a Short story + sell it
I've written stories, published them online for free as fanfiction and this would need to be a longer goal than just a year I think for me.
19// Grow my blog to triple digits
Not only have I grown my blog following, my comment numbers have gone up and I can't thank all of you guys enough for that. I really look forward to your comments!
20// Have a picnic with a basket
I didn't blog about this one yet, but I got great pics from our picnic, so I'll try to squeeze that post in the next month!
21// Make a pie from scratch, including the crust!
I made a pumpkin pecan pie for Thanksgiving because I don't eat just pecan pie and it also had a little bit of cheesecake going on. Totally delicious!
22// Meet an online (blog) friend in person
Nicole with Casa de Crews put together a painting night that several bloggers in the area participated in and not only did I get to put faces to two names, I met a couple of other local bloggers I hit it off with!
23// Take a road trip w/no planning
I am ALWAYS the planner when it comes to S and I, so she gave me a little break and did some last minute planning to throw together an early Birthday weekend getaway.
24// Not eat sweets for 30 days
This is another one of those "what was I thinking?" ideas because I love sweets too much to give them up. Eating them in smaller portions and not gorging myself sounds more realistic.
25// Attend a music festival
Visit the post, it was awesome and we're going for a single day this year!!
26// Try a new food
This one definitely got done. Not only did I try a single new food, I tried new places all over the world (or maybe just Europe and USA) and I loved it!
27// Ride a motorcycle
I shared this on Insta, but not on my blog. November was a rough month for blogging.
28// Send 10 handwritten letters
I started these, I have ONE More day to finish and send out. Probably won't happen but I've sent a card or letter with every exchange box I've done, so I may have sent 10?
29// Volunteer for a good cause
I didn't blog about this either, but I volunteered at a lock in at a local youth ranch for Halloween. It was kind of fun but ya'll know I'm not big into kids. Even high schoolers.
30// Visit the Carolinas
This is probably my most disappointing. We actually had plans to leave on my Birthday for this trip, but due to the death of a good friend and neighbor are going to have to put our trip off. I'm still trying to figure out a. if I should take the vacation day I was using and just have a me day at home and b. what I'll do this weekend special for my Birthday after the memorial service. My parents talked about a road trip over to Cocoa Beach or something, so my weekend is very much up in the air.

This is a cool post I did last year during the A-Z blogging challenge last year talking more in depth about five of these.

Over all I was very pleased with how much I was able to cross off my list in just ONE year. 19/30 things isn't bad but I'm looking forward to having TEN years to do the next list.

OMG I can't even imagine being 40 right now, lol. I want to make a 40 before 40 list and I think I'm going to do what Nadine did; leave some (for me five) blank so if I come up with a good idea like my sunset/sunrise idea then I can just add it in!

What do you think should go on my next list? Should it be 35x35 or 40x40?


  1. Great job, girl! 19/30 sounds like a huge win to me, especially since some of these are biggies, like paying off your car!

  2. I think you did great!

  3. You did great! And just think, that's 19 things you may not have done without the list!

  4. Congrats on knocking out the majority of your list!! I turn 30 this year too and I've never even made a list! lol

  5. Congrats on your list!! I keep on meaning to make a list of my own too. I LOVE that 100% tip one. Such a good idea! And you just reminded me that I need to renew my passport! Oops! lol

  6. My husband's email is like this... drives me NUTS!!!!!! I'm one who has to have it at Zero every hour or I go insane a bit.

    I never get all the way through the C25K program... always something. We need to do it together!!!

  7. I think you did great!

    Ugh on losing money for the cruise - were you not given enough time to cancel? That sucks.

    Sorry about the family friend death. I say take the day if you have it!

  8. You did a lot of them, I would call that a success. I tend to fall into the snuggle up with a good book too, so it's good to challenge ourselves to do more every year.

  9. Awesome list and you did great! LOL I would never be able to go a month without sweets either, I love them too much!

  10. I love this list (and that game in the NFL stadium totally counts) and everything you've crossed off!!
    i really want to take a sewing class so i can get better because the only thing i have made is a very poor excuse for a sewing machine cover, lol.
    I am sorry for the loss of your friend, I think you should still take a day for yourself though, or spend it with family.

  11. You did an awesome job, girl! So glad we connected and have become blog friends :)

  12. That's a pretty great list there little Miss Heather! I've never done a list like this, but it seems like something I should do.

  13. Way to go lady! 19/30 is still a pretty great accomplishment. Just think some of those things you may not have accomplished if you didn't put them on a list.

  14. You did great on the list. I will be 30 in August and your first paragraph was written for me haha or I could have written it rather.


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