Friday, February 27, 2015

Oh Hey, Friday Favs

It's the last weekend in my twenties!!!

I feel like I said that last Friday and I would have been wrong, lol. My brother and sis have both called me so excited that I'll be turning the big 3 0 next week and it just really made me feel special. They might have also asked what I wanted for my Birthday and while I totally appreciate that they want to get me something...knowing that they're thinking of me is absolutely more important!!

1. First you must vote in my poll about which color you see. I missed this on FB yesterday because I was devouring a book, see Hold on Tight by Abbi Glines. Anyway, this tumblr dress went viral and I was asked which color I saw. Showed my parents the same image on the same screen and they both saw something else. THIS is the actual dress from Amazon UK.

What TWO colors are in this dress?
Black and Blue
White and Gold
Poll Maker

I love the science behind this, I mean COME ON how can we see different things when it's clearly black and blue?! Floored me. Then A texted me later and said he now saw the colors of the actual dress.

2. MAC sent the email the Cinderella collection was available. I debated buying the compact because hello, Disney princess dream come true. However I put it in my cart and came back from lunch and it was sold out. Along with almost everything else. Now, I'm technically not supposed to be buying makeup due to lent...but I'm so going to the MAC store on my Birthday when they'll be available "in store" to see if I can get the compact AND the HEA lip gloss. I obviously need THAT!

3. I am IN LOVE with these wine snack tray things with cork spreaders. I hate that they're green, yuck - BUT I might order it anyway. I just have to decide which one. Why so many choices?!

4. I have been super excited about this weekend for months! Ever since I bought Scotty McCreery tickets for tonight and booked my hair appointment to CHOP off my hair tomorrow I have known this would definitely be a favs weekend for sure!

5. Did I mention it's my birthday week? How can a favorite top that?!

Sooo, obviously even though I was late to work and I don't have a 3 day weekend I only have a 4 day work week next week because for my Birthday I'm finally getting to go to South Carolina!! Have you ever been? What's your favorite thing to do/eat/visit? We'll be in Charleston Saturday and I can't FREAKING wait!!

What are some of your favs from this week? Any plans for the weekend?

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  1. Happy Early Birthday! Have so much fun on your trip! I have heard great things about SC! I love that you are buying the Cinderella set! My birthday is next month and I am keeping my daughter home from school and making her go with me to see it in the theater. She doesnt want to bc she is too old and cool for it but it her birthday gift to me bc I want to go, lol!

  2. Oh yes!! Happy early birthday! So exciting. I'm sure you'll just have a blast this weekend. So much excitement going on! Can't wait to see pics of that haircut :) Have an awesome weekend!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

    1. Oh and I totally missed the dress thing floating around FB too! So bizzare! (And it's definitely white and gold above!)

  3. I honestly dont know how it's black and blue lol!! But anyway....happy early birthday! Have so much with your upcoming trip!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. I honestly cant believe anyone sees white & gold...

  5. That dress thing was so crazy yesterday! I have seen both colors!

  6. You totally need that lipgloss - it was basically made for you!! Those wine bottle snack trays are so cute. I feel like they would make a great gift too (along with gifting to myself -haha!). Hope you have a great weekend!! xoxo

  7. Oh yay happy early birthday! Can't wait to see your new hair! The dress is black and blue of course. :)

  8. Happy Birthday Week! You have a fun weekend planned. Looking forward to seeing how your hair turns out. I saw the dress in both colors, but from different pictures posted. So weird.

  9. I'm over that stupid dress!

    I hadn't seen that MAC collection. Adorable. And naturally sold out. Grr.

  10. That dress is everywhere today!!!! I need Cinderella collection in my life too!!!! It was one of my favorite movies and to have Disney in make up? Just yes!!!

    Happy Birthday Week my dear!

  11. hahahahahahah I see white and gold but I've had Lasix twice so I don't trust my eyes anymore ;-)

  12. Happy birthday! Your haircut came out super cute!

  13. Happy birthday! I am physically unable to see the dress as anything other than white and gold. Did you read any of the reviews on amazon for the dress? Hilarious!

  14. Happy Early Birthday! I can't wait to see pics of your hair. Thank you for linking up to H54F!

  15. Girl I cant even vote because initially I saw white and gold I swear ... now I see blue. So my eyes are just odd. Also I cannot wait to see your hair!


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