Friday, February 13, 2015

Oh Hey, Friday Favs

OMG Friday I never thought you would get here!

Today is the day Fifty Shades of Grey comes to the big screen and that is such a crazy thought to me. I remember when the Twilight fandom EXPLODED and almost everybody was reading Master of the Universe and proclaiming themselves bunker babes. I was too busy doing other things to jump on board and heard it had some weird parts so I never read it until ONE day when I was watching the news and they were talking about the surprising book that topped the bestseller lists. Fifty Shades of Grey was making major NEWS, what? Before I read it though, I pulled most of my fics, and changed my fanfiction name because I did NOT want anybody to find out I wrote smut along with thousands of other women.

Then the craziest thing happened. All of these stories that I had read and sometimes loved were being published for the masses to read. Beautiful Bastard, Wallbanger, Clipped Wings, etc. I could pick up a book and recommend it to a friend and I LOVED it! There was even a book I paid for that I had not read as a fic and loved. When I found out it was former fic, I was like "what?" I remember this author now. She was part of a select group I just never got around to reading.

Now that I've probably given you way too much info about Fifty Shades and fanfiction pull-to-publish, let's get into the Favs of the week! Also make sure to check out my non-makeup beauty favs and the Veet® Infini'Silk™ Giveaway I have going on.

1. Lauren Conrad is one of my favorite celeb bloggers. I know she has a team that helps her out, but if I could hire my own team I would too. For Valentine's Day she shared these hand lettered cards featuring some fictional and/or celeb couples. I just wish it would have been sooner so I could have mailed some out!

2. Biana shared a bunch of her favorite links from the week and I thoroughly enjoyed reading though this one about what entrepreneurs wish they'd known BEFORE. As bloggers we're all entrepreneurs in our own right, right?

3. I know I've mentioned Classpass a couple of times, but you guys I'm seriously loving the flexibility of it and being able to try out a TON of different kind of classes. I'm learning I don't really like the high intensity cardio classes though I've only done one of those so far AND I signed up for one more, lol. I've done four different kinds of classes and signed up for three more next week. If you have Classpass in your area you should submit your email, and even if they're not in your area still submit your email because you'll be part of the first group that gets the opportunity to join once they do come to your area. They aren't paying me money, I just think it's a great deal!

4. I always like a good quiz, even when it is Valentine's Day themed...thanks Erin for doing another one of these.

5. Fav thing that happened this week?! I finally joined Tampa Bay Bloggers, and was accepted! They also announced their #TBBGetSocial first workshop and I'm excited to attend that in March!

Tomorrow I have a special Saturday post to celebrate Fifty some more with FIFTY blog post ideas, so make sure to check back!

Who's going to see the movie?!

What were some of your favs recently?

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  1. You so need to share this whole fandom thing. I am always so confused when you mention it, but am intrigued. Those Valentine's are so cute. Loved your answers on the quiz, we have a lot of the same answers.

  2. i agree with you on so many of the answers you didon your quiz. i'd never date a smoker. ugh.

  3. Oh those Valentine's are so cute! I love Lauren Conrad!

  4. I was thinking of attending that workshop as well! Sounds like a great learning experience!!

  5. Those cards!!! Pop culture at its finest :)

  6. I love LC! I love her blog, her clothes, he shows, her! Those cards are adorable! Have you read her books? I was thinking about it but didn't know anyone who has yet.

    Love your quiz, so fun! Have a great weekend!

  7. How did I not know you were in Tampa?!! I'm in Orlando (or at least right outside of it lol). I'm still on the fence about seeing 50 Shades. I know the movie wont live up to the book. :(

  8. I love LC and her blog as well! Im not sure about seeing 50 shades. we'll see. If you see it lemme know how it was.

  9. I love Lauren Conrad's blog. She's adorable, and her site is so fun. I love those Valentine's! They're so cute and perfect! Ah! Congrats on being accepted to the Tampa Bay Bloggers! That's so awesome. I can't wait to read all about your first session. I also would never date a guy who smokes. Couldn't do it.

  10. Awww that "luke to my lorelai" is such a cute idea! I would totally get that for my hubby, but he's not a big gilmore girl lover so he prob wouldn't get it haha.

    Thanks for linking up for H54F!

    Caitlin @ Coffee with Caitlin

  11. Love those valentines. I wish I was that clever! Lauren's blog is one of my fav celebrity blogs too. Her pictures are just gorgeous. Hope you had a fun weekend! Thanks for linking up with us again at H54F!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  12. Don't "keep score of minor wrongs"- that is great advice! Really, that is advice to apply to any relationship, even yourself. I'm bad about beating myself up over little things. I need to remember this more often.


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