Monday, February 23, 2015

Freakin' Kinda Productive Weekend

On Friday, I posted my list of things I was hoping to accomplish this weekend and I crossed off TWO things off completely, yay! I'm glad my weekend isn't over because I still have time to cross off a few things.

Friday evening I sat down to try and get into the duo book club book I've been struggling with this month and I just don't think it's going to happen. I can always tell when I've tried to read a book I don't really want to read because I end up with a low number of books read that month. Sorry Jenny Han, I think I'm breaking up with you.

Saturday I got another Youtube video up, this one focusing on the QVC Tarte Miracles from the Amazon 6pc. Collection and a demo of me applying their new foundcealer. I figured out how to use my DSLR to record which is something I've been meaning to do since last Summer! I'm still learning how to do the music with the videos and a lot of things but it's been quite a fun challenge.

Sunday I decided I would try and find some used books, but it was a total bust.

I saw a few Goodwill book hauls from a few girls in one of the book Facebook groups I'm in and I wanted more books! The Goodwill on my way home has a ton of books, but none that I'd want to read and it's not organized very well. So, there are a couple others nearby and the one I tried Sunday didn't have ANY books at all. It was a complete 180 from our close Goodwill that I'm not interested in ever going back.

The other place I wanted to try was Haslam's which is a local book store that sells used and new books. They had used romance books, from 1987 but nothing from the last decade. They didn't even have a decent used young adult section, I mean...all us young'uns must keep all our books or that's the way of the eReader, huh? It was still cool to see their store because I'd been wanting to visit for quite some time but I won't be going back. Bummer.

I also paid off my car, checking off another thing on my 30 Before 30 list!!

TODAY I'm heading to another Goodwill in a different area so I'm hoping for better luck.

Other than that, it was a lot of NCIS because marathons and catching up on DVR shows like Nashville and Chicago PD.

What did you get up to this weekend?

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  1. Loved the video, your hair looks gorgeous! Such a bummer on the used book stores, we don't have many around me but always in search of new books. I am always catching up on my DVR shows. ;)

  2. First of all congrats on paying off your car, such an amazing accomplishment!!! Love your youtube video and your hair looks amazing!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. Congrats on paying off your car! That is huge!! I'm feeling the same way with the Jenny Han book too, just not that into it.

  4. Hurrah for a car payoff! I'm a few months away from that!

  5. Wow congrats on paying off your car, that's awesome!! Thanks for sharing about the foundcealer!

  6. I have been wanting to go out on a hunt for some used books too, I just haven't had time. My library sells the donated books for .10-25 cents! Can't beat that! lol. I actually liked the Jenny Han book. I was pretty surprised that I did, but I've been waiting for the second one to come out

  7. Yayyyyy for paying off your car!! That was me last year and it's seriously the best feeling ever! I still get the itch to just go out and buy and brand new one but not having a car payment is so much sweeter. lol

  8. Good for you paying off your car... that's always the best feeling!
    I hate when used book stores have nothing current... how do they expect to stay in business really...

  9. congrats on paying off your car!!
    i have found a book at goodwill like once or twice. definitely not my first go to. sucks about that other bookstore though!

  10. Congrats on paying off your car!!! Is it sad that I know I am probably going to get another one when I get mine paid off?!

    It is hard to look through books at thrift stores. They are usually such a mess!

  11. Loved the vid! Yay for paying off your car. You go with the 30 before 30 goals!

  12. I'm a frequent customer of a few secondhand bookstores, but I've never thought to look at Goodwill type stores. Hmm. Maybe I'll give it a try and report back.

  13. i love getting books from a good goodwill. they aren't always easy to find!


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