Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fifty Blog Post Ideas

I've always wanted to make one of these lists, but I never thought I would have enough ideas. Since I wanted to do something for fifty I thought "fifty shades of blogging" would be cool and as soon as I started I was coming up with ideas left and right.

Some of these I've done a few of these and several are on my schedule. The others I'm excited to fit in!

1. Favorite children’s book.
2. Share something you collect.
3. Best concert you’ve ever been to.
4. Favorite book as a teen.
5. Ultimate concert list.
6. #tbt best, worst or any Birthday.
7. Cute things from the $1 spot at Target or $1 store.
8. #tbt any Holiday.
9. Favorite movie as a kid.
10. Review the same book and movie.
11. Share a bunch of items in your favorite color.
12. Ultimate vacation with no $$ spared.
13. One or many obsessions.
14. What do you do when you’re sick? Special cure, maybe?
15. #tbt Spirit Week!
16. How have you changed since high school?
17. Vlog a coffee date.
18. Share your blog process.
19. What’s your worst fear(s)?
20. What’s your guilty pleasure?
21. Five favorite things that match the senses. Fav smell, sound, taste, etc.
22. What’s your silliest fear?
23. Share a family tradition.
24. Make a bucket list.
25. Write a letter to a sibling, parent, spouse or friend.
26. Share about a local town festival/event.
27. Favorite movie as a teen?
28. First tape or CD you ever bought or received as a gift.
29. What would you request for your last meal?
30. Share your typical lunch time. Kate's actually done a couple of these.
31. What’s the BEST thing you ever ate?
32. Find a national Holiday for something you’re passionate about and celebrate it.
33. Share your chili recipe. Don't have one? Share several recipes you've tried!
34. Play MASH.
35. Share meals you’ve eaten other places (countries, states, etc.)
36. Share your favorite blogs.
37. Host a Round Robin Post and Giveaway.
38. What’s your greatest accomplishment?
39. Share your first job or job(s).
40. Share something you’re certified in aka CPR?
41. Time hop a blog post. This was Feb. 14, 2014.
42. Share something you took to show-and-tell as a child.
43. Interview someone that knows you and include questions about your blog.
44. Review a local hangout for a different generation.
45. Share your experience with sponsoring other blogs or companies you’ve reviewed for.
46. Create a playlist for something other than running.
47. Let someone take over your blog! Friend, Parent, Spouse, Pet, etc.
48. Take the opposing position on something you’re passionate about. Research it. Share what you found.
49. Share a text convo with someone OR the pics you send each other.
50. Make a list of FIFTY things.


  1. Such a great idea!!! Thanks for this list, Heather!

  2. Great list. Will pin for a rainy day!

  3. I love this list- I was just thinking about how I don't have any posts scheduled and I need something to write about for this week!

  4. Such a great list. Saving this so I can use one or a few of them later!

  5. I will totally be using this list as inspiration! Thanks!!!

  6. great ideas girlfriend! we never had show and tell as kids, womp womp. i love the senses idea!

  7. I have drafts of things I collect and books I liked as a teen!!!

    I like the idea of what I do at also might make me get out a little more, which I don't do as often when it's cold. A few others caught my eye too.

    Thanks Heather!

  8. Great ideas, especially the sharing your favorite blogs one. I have found lots of new favorite blogs from seeing other people's similar posts.

    -Anastasia Ivy


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