Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Making Melissa

I don't usually have a lot to confess so I don't do these weekly, but once a month. get a HUGE confessions post, lol. Sorry, not sorry.

I confess...

I would never take a one way ticket to Mars. Period.

I've only had 4'ish hours of sleep the past two nights and I just know I'm going to CRASH early one night. This body just can't take too many nights like that.

Last night it was because I finished Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren (comes out April 15th!) and I always think they can't possibly top the last book but they did it again.

I love the Bobby Bones show in the mornings, BUT I've been switching between listening to them, listening to my current audio book Play by Kylie Scott and the Fifty Shades soundtrack which is absolutely fantastic! I haven't loved a soundtrack like this since Burlesque.

I skipped blogging yesterday in lieu of watching NCIS with my parents the night before and trying to catch up on blog reading yesterday. I think even though I have all of these ideas, I'm going to have to cut down to posting only four times a week. *cries*

I tried the Chick-fil-a Iced Vanilla Coffee this morning AND it was comped because I had to wait! Since I haven't been drinking coffee on the reg since the new year, it's a little bitter but pretty refreshing!

I am sooooo sore from a Barre workout Monday. I tried out a different Barre studio, not Pure Barre and I felt like it was a lot harder than the barre class I took recently at PB. However, I remember my first PB class and how sore I was. It's possible it's just the different muscles each similar class works.

I am addicted to buying makeup. I don't need anything else so that's what I'll be giving up for lent I think. This is THE most nervous I've ever been for giving something up, I think.

I was supposed to post my 30 gift ideas for my 30th birthday today and I only have like 10 items so I'll be finishing that and posting tomorrow? *checking schedule* Sure, I can do that as long as I finish. What's something you'd put on a wishlist this time of year?

Ugh, I made my Plenty of Fish account active again. Why can't a boy just fall into my life? Is that too much to ask for?

I've been trying to wear foundation without powder. Newsflash! I've always worn powder, ever since I started wearing makeup in my teens. So far, Urban Decay NAKED SKIN Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup was my favorite like this. Do you wear powder on top of your foundation? If you wear foundation at all of course. I wish I didn't have to but I just feel better when I cover up what I can of my acne scarring.

I started reading Fifty Shades Darker after the cliffie in the first movie, but I have so many more things I should be reading!

I'm not sure about the Category thing on Bloglovin' when I go to save posts. Does anybody have that figured out?

I just had the perfect idea for a super personal post about over dramatic early twenty year old Heather.

I still have a giveaway going for the Veet® Infini’Silk™ PRO RRP $299.00 so make sure you're entered if you look forward to quitting shaving!

I'm done.

What do you need to confess?


  1. I think the new feature, Collection, on Bloglovin' is meant to save posts on a specific category (e.g., Recipe Collection, Blogging Collection, etc.) I don't use it yet (too lazy), but that's how I see it. :)

  2. I just did a confessions post today! :P I'm with you on not having figured out the new "categories" thing for bloglovin'. :x I only noticed it a couple days ago, but haven't really done much with it yet.

    I really want to try Pure Barre! :]! It looks like fun!

    I'm addicted to buying things on sale. :'( I'm working on it though, haha.

  3. The one way ticket to mars freaks me out even thinking about it!

  4. I love listening to the Bobby Bone show in the AM :) Chelsea@

  5. I'll pass on that one way ticket to Mars. Thank you. And I wear foundation everyday (the acne scarring thing too) and I HAVE to wear powder. No exceptions. I just feel like everything is set with powder.

  6. What's the coverage on that Urban Decay face makeup? Heavy, light, medium?

    Hell no to a ticket anywhere in space.

  7. I have wanted to try Barre but I am scared it will be awesome and I'll love it, it's too expensive for me to love lol.
    I basically don't save posts on bloglovin anymore because that collections thing annoys me.

  8. I'm sure you'll meet someone nice! sometimes things just happen when they're meant to, you know? I have a makeup buying problem too haha

    stop by and chat ♥ :)

  9. Posting 5 days is too much for me so I totally get going down to 4 days. I just save posts but I don't put them in collections. I don't get it. I would give up Mugs for lent.. bwahahaha. Wait, just kidding. ;)

  10. A new barre place opened up down the street from my office and I was so excited until I saw the prices. I cant justify paying almost my car payment each month for a work out when i work out for free at home. Sigh. I really want to try it though but probably never will for fear that I will love it and get sucked in to paying absurd amounts of money!

    I am not sure I like the new changes on bloglovin. Like that bar across every post now drives me batty and I have to click it away because it takes up like 1/3 of the screen! WTF?

    I used Urban Decay Naked Foundation and they showed me something last time I was there that I liked but declined because I was already buying too much. I wonder if it was the powder you are talking about. I dont usually do powder anymore because it makes my face look dry in places but whatever they used on me I loved and want to go back for it!

  11. I couldn't even read anything else because the Mars thing just weirds me out - i read that they were told they possibly only live for 68 days once they land!! I use that foundation and I put a pressed powder on top if I need to make it a little more matte rather than dewy!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  12. I like the idea of the category thing on bloglovin, I just wish I wasn't too lazy to go back through and categorize all the posts I have saved already. I was considering a spending freeze or no buy for lent, but decided against it at the last minute. I think my birthday wish list is going to be full of makeup or beauty items- I'm excited to see what you end up putting on yours!

  13. collection thing on bloglovin is kind of like pinterest. You make a board and you can save those posts into those boards.

  14. You know I have never ever worn foundation without powder? I just find powder makes it finished. I just cant do foundation alone. The category thing on Bloglovin I think is like Pinterest but I never used it.
    As for Mars. Nope cant do it. It actually freaks me out thinking about it.


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