Thursday, February 12, 2015

7 Things I ate in Europe #TBTTravel

One of my absolute favorite things about traveling is getting to try all of the food!

I don't tend to try anything too out of the box and one of the things I really love is when I get to try a more American dish abroad.

When A was able to upgrade our tickets for the long'ish flight over there I was so excited to be able to get a better nights sleep and then I found out the food was done differently. They don't bring it to you all at once in Business 1st, no it's a 4-5 course meal and take about two hours to complete. I ended up skipping dessert so I could get more sleep, but it was still a nice little treat in addition to the sleeping arrangements.

I was shocked when A and I went for breakfast on like the third morning we were there. In addition to my omelete, my sides were fries or chips and a side salad at nine in the morning. For someone that's tried the Whole 30, this was a good reminder that I take my "breakfast" only foods a little too seriously. This change in pace also meant I got to have a shake first thing! When on vacation, lol. I actually got shakes multiple mornings while we were there. It was splendid!

Fast forward to the thing I ate the most in Europe for breakfast and you have NUTELLA! Oh look, another shake. I've been eating Nutella since we lived in Germany and you couldn't really find it in the states except at the commissary. I was so excited to try all of the different things they paired it with and really need to reenact some of these Nutella banana crepes!

Apparently it's hard to eat late in London. After we would be out adventuring and exploring all day we would take a little rest at the hotel and then venture out for food. We did this twice before we learned our lesson that we needed to get out earlier for dinner because the only places open were limited. We did find this Italian place (I'm pretty sure it was Giovanni's) that was pretty good and PACKED because nowhere else was open, lol.

One of the things I HAD to try was McDonald's. I'd never eaten at a McDonald's abroad and it was one of the things pretty high on my list. It tasted the same pretty much and when we ate at the airport it wasn't anymore expensive. A on the other hand after he'd been out drinking needed sustenance and stopped at a McDonald's in town and said he paid like twice as much for nuggets, lol.

In Dublin, the "home base" for UCF was The Old Storehouse Bar and Restaurant so we ate and had drinks here multiple times. Their burgers were local meat if I remember correctly and sooo good!

One of the last meals we had while we were away was a Texas BBQ joint in Dublin. Bison Bar and BBQ was probably one of my favorite places we ate. They were so overly friendly, think Chick-fil-a so their hospitality was top notch. They couldn't wait to hear how it compared to the States AND I was able to finally get a margarita, lol.

Do you prefer only trying local food when you travel or do you also like trying to find the comfort food?

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  1. Wow that's funny that they gave you fries with your breakfast! OMG Nutella!!! The first time I had Nutella was in France and we had it every morning with croissants, after that I was hooked!

  2. I will always typically eat whatever a place is famous for, and am open to trying pretty much anything. I miss Irish breakfasts and can't wait to have them again.

  3. Oh man, so many amazing looking foods!!!! Excuse me while I go count down the minutes to lunch now. I love trying new things!

  4. Those are some serious onion rings!! I had Nutella Banana crepes in Germany it is was heaven!

  5. my favourite thing about travelling is trying allll the food - and to do proper research, i must try things both familiar and different. i totally think mcdonalds tastes different in Aus vs USA (especially the sausage muffins, man I miss those) and I love trying new things that I can't get at home. Can't wait to eat all the french and italian things! and I'm looking forward to Dublin because the food will be so similar to home, but that doesn't count because I don't live there right now haha.

  6. YUMMY! When I travel, the first thing I research is where to eat. I love to eat local!

  7. I pretty much eat the local food when I travel. That experience alone makes traveling worth while. Although, I do like the looks of that Texas BBQ in Dublin..................................

  8. That is true about finding it hard to eat late in London. Still soo many good options when places are open!


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