Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Principal's Office

Many years ago when my life very much revolved around Fanfiction, there was a challenge of sorts to write daily and each day a prompt would be shared to get your thoughts flowing.

Sometimes it was a picture, other times a word, phrase or song. One time it was even to Youtube a specific word and write based off a video you found. I kept all of the ones I wrote and thought I'd share one with you.

Word Prompt: Enemy

Word Count: 502

I opened the door to the school office and saw Mrs. Kelly waiting behind the counter. Her face lit up as soon as she recognized me.

"Julie, it's so good to see you," she said sweetly.

"You too, I just wish it was under different circumstances," I said as I glanced back and saw my daughter sitting in the principal's office. Mrs. Kelly laughed as he came out and ushered me off into his office.

"Mrs. Carmichael, nice to see you," he greeted me as I took a seat next to my daughter.

"You too, but we really should stop meeting like this," I joked as I watched my daughter roll her eyes.

"Mom," she groaned.

"So," I said as I clapped my hands together and laid them in my lap. "What seems to be the problem this time?"

We'd been in the principal's office last week and another time just before that. For some reason my daughter Alexis had been having difficulties making friends since we moved to Beaufort. Thomas had put in for a transfer here so that we'd be closer to his parents.

"Alexis, would you like to tell your mother, or shall I?" he asked as he leaned forward in his chair. She made no effort to address me so he continued. "Look, Alexis, I'm not the enemy here. I'm not even your father right now, I'm your principal and your mother and I would like to know why you're acting out."

"I hate it here," she groaned.

"I'm quite aware of that, but we're not leaving. We're not moving back home and the sooner you accept that you will be graduating from Beaufort High, the sooner I think you'll find life a little more enjoyable." Thomas looked at me as I nodded for him to continue on to her sentencing.

She would receive a punishment here for the prank she pulled and then we'd discipline her at home this evening.

"You'll have detention for the rest of the week. Let me make this clear. Next time, it will be a suspension, which means no musical theater. Do you understand me?"

"Yes," she sighed.

"Yes what?" he asked as he walked around the front of his desk and grabbed my hand.

"Yes, dad."

"Thank you, you may go back to class while I have a chat with your mother," he released her, but waited until she was out and the door was shut before he leaned down and kissed me on the lips.

"Did you think I was too rough on her?" he asked as he sat in her recently vacated seat.

"No," I snorted. It had been weird the first time Alexis had been in here with us. Thomas had called me to let me know that she had been sent to his office and to be prepared to remain professional for at least the beginning of our meeting with the principal.

"So," he said as he looked down. "You'll give her the grounding at home?"

They were referred to as WitFit prompts if you'd like to read more about them. This is mostly quickly/unedited, and most of the time completed within an hour so forgive any errors.


  1. very interesting to have writing prompts - and interesting story :)

  2. Writing prompts can sometimes really spark the creative juices!

  3. Prompts would freak me out, but you did so well with yours. I liked that you didn't know until halfway that the Principal was also the Dad.

  4. Love reading your little short story... people that have that talent to write just makes me jealous :)

  5. Love this! Writing prompts are so cool. i miss doing those!

  6. Great post girl!! I've never tried a writing prompt! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston


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