Friday, January 2, 2015

January Challenge - Spending Freeze

I've successfully done these in the past and also had one or two that I didn't do so hot with. Here are the rules I'm making for myself.

1. No Buying Books

This isn't like last time or two where I gave myself a budget. I can't buy any. I have way too many books and I need to really incorporate what I have at home and use the library more. I'm hoping to continue this for the entire year with a few exceptions, especially if I make it through January first!

2. No More than 5 Meals Out

This will give me leeway in case I run out the door in the morning without my lunch and/or someone invites me out.
***If I can somehow manage to only eat out like once, I get to buy a new pair of shoes at the end of the month!!

3. Only one Mani-Pedi

I usually get my toes done once but then will get my nails done another time or two. This time I'll have to do it myself if I want my nails a different color or touched up.

4. No frivolous spending.*

I don't need clothes. I shouldn't buy anything for decor or household needs unless it's something I've been eyeing and it's on sale that probably won't be available after the January spending freeze. If I actually finish the last craft thing or two I did and I want to buy stuff for a new project, I won't say no. But I have to finish those first!!
*This doesn't include the scrapbook weekend mom and I are going on in the middle of the month. If I see something from there or we end up at an outlet mall I'll give myself a budget to not go over.

5. Going out on the weekend is okay.

If someone wants to go out for drinks, or maybe line dancing which I haven't done in months I won't worry too much about the spending because I need to still go out even if I can't spend money, lol.

I think those three really sum up where my extra money goes, other than random frivolous spending like Target, anybody else?

Have you ever done a wallet watch or spending freeze? How successful were you at it?

I'm hoping for a quiet day at work today. I need to take down my pink Christmas tree and finish up some stuff. Then I might try to see how many blog posts I can get scheduled out.

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  1. The library seriously saves me SO much money!

  2. good luck girl! i did a no shopping thing a few months ago (clothes etc) and i ended up buying stuff for the house and about 20 books, so clearly it was one evil or the other lol. this month i am trying not to shop at all - no clothes, books, house stuff, nothing. i haven't put it out there yet though lol just in case.

  3. No buying books... I have enough to last me but mercy, the temp to buy new ones!
    WAIT - I see your 125 book goal - is that in a YEAR?!?!?!?

  4. These are great ideas and totally do-able!! I liek the way you think!!

  5. I like those challenges! I definitely think they are all doable. The meals out is actually something I'm planning on cutting down as well, sometimes we don't realize how much time and money we are spending for eating out. I guess that kind of ties into your no frivolous spending challenge too. I need to use these as challenges for myself too haha!

  6. I love spending freezes especially when there is a little leeway. I am really trying to tighten up my budget this year too. Good luck!

  7. This is a great way to start the year! We are really trying to watch our spending too, especially on eating out!

  8. I am doing a spending freeze in March! Glad to see that I am not the only one who puts in an exception for Scrapbooking. Good luck!

  9. Good luck with these! I know that I overspent in December and need to really cut back this month. I'm tempted to also do a spending challenge because the one I did last year really helped.

  10. Good luck on your spending freeze. I'm totally doing that for January but more out of necessity because i simply need to stop spending money!

  11. this is awesome. i have a lot of the same goals as far as money goes. i'm saving this to come back so i have ideas for my post this weekend. :)


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