Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015: Endless Possibilities

You know when you have everything planned out how things don't always go according to plan? Well, that was me with 2015. This was going to be the year I finally got some stuff done.

I had lots of things I was doing again, some new things to look forward to and some very big steps I was taking.

I was going on a Blog Conference cruise. - Obviously I'm not on that cruise ship.

I'm turning 30. <--- This is still happening friends. I'm moving out of my parents house! <--- Another one that's still lookin' good! I was going to Book Bash again. <--- I'm not sure if it's officially cancelled but they're being vague about it not happening so I'm calling it. If it happens, awesome but I'm not counting on it right now. I'm open to finding another Book'ish thing to attend, maybe. I was going to Jax for the Country Superfest again. <--- They had NO female talent booked when tickets went on sale and now they have one opener. Where are the Country girls?! Also, I wasn't intrigued in a lot of the other acts they do have. I've either seen them or have no desire to see them. I'm going to pay off my car. <--- You know when the end is in sight, you can taste it? *salivates* This is so me right now! Instead of focusing on the plans that fell through I've been taking the opportunity to say yes for those new things I want to do each month like Gasparilla and staying in Downtown Tampa for the night! I mean, when will I ever get the chance to stay IN Tampa?! Other Things I'm Looking Forward to...

South Carolina - I think I've finally picked out where I want to "road trip" and even though I said I wouldn't make plans, I'm not sure I can. I feel like I need to book a hotel. Also my parents may be tagging along...which means cheaper trip for me but they may want to plan, lol.

Paris/Germany with my parents! Unlike last time, I'm only 98% sure this will happen since it's not being planned by A like London/Ireland was and he wasn't not going to go. We've started looking at flights, but that's about as far as we've gotten. I just have to remember that my parents lived over there so they kind of know what they're doing, right?

Hair Cut - That's it, I'm finally chopping off the hair this year. Just not sure when.

Moving Out!! I can't wait to get started on this as soon as my car is paid off and I have a pre-approved loan.

30th Birthday Bash <--- Let's be real. Nobody is going to have the balls to throw me a party because they know they need my help, lol. Scotty McCreery concert with my mama. She loves him something fierce! All the good books coming out in 2014! Thoughtful, Slow Burn, Beautiful Secret, Confess, Asa, etc. Those are just a few that I'm looking forward to!

Other parades and festivals S and I have already talked about going to. St. Patrick's Day either locally or Chicago depending on housing with a friend in Chicago. Mardi Gras locally. These are things I've never done but this is so the year for YES!

I feel like I'm leaving something out.

What are some of the things you're looking forward to in 2015?


  1. Looks like an exciting year! I think my car will be paid off this year too. Unfortunately, it also needs all new tires and some other work. Ugh! How come no more blog cruise?

  2. Paying your car off and moving into your own place is huge! You have some awesome goals!

  3. you have some great things to look forward to -i'm sorry about the things you had to cancel, but way to stay positive :)

  4. Oh man... I'm drooling at the idea of paying off my car... & its still 3 years away :)

  5. My car will be paid off this year too. And I too am salivating!

    You have great stuff coming up this year!

  6. I am hoping to pay off my car this year too. Can't wait. Are you buying or renting? You have a lot of good things coming this year!

  7. Awesome stuff! Is the book bash that might be cancelled the thing in Dallas we had talked about forever ago? :( I was wanting to go! Ack!
    The lack of female country singers is just awful. I do love me some Miranda but we need many more!

  8. What happened to the blog cruise?! I'm so sorry!
    This year is going to be awesome for you, I just know it.

  9. I'm still super disappointed the blog cruise fell through! Oh well this year will still be amazing! I'm most looking forward to (hopefully) moving out! I had to get my car fixed this week which set me back a lot!


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