Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What's Your Morning Show?

I'm a commuter right now, boo. Thirty minutes in the morning and at least 45 in the evening. With that comes the station hopping looking for the song(s) that aren't going to annoy me and in the morning, I also have to deal with the radio personalities. Well, since March 2013 the Tampa Bay area should feel blessed because like many cities they've been given the Bobby Bones Show.

I've only been a morning show person twice in my life and both times were with the same morning show.

The Bobby Bones Show

It all started in college when I went through my Pop phase. That's right, this Country girl took a break and tried out the popular music. I spent most of my life in a large enough city but the station I listened to had the morning show syndicated in from Austin, Texas. Amy, Bobby and Lunchbox were what I spent my hour long commute with every morning. Hello 2007!

I don't remember how long that morning show/Pop relationship lasted but I definitely remembered them when there was an announcement on the radio station I found myself listening to in Tampa about a new radio show being syndicated out of Nashville. The level of excitement and chatter I surrounded my friends with was enough to turn almost all of them into fans of the show. I'm still working on J, but she just can't give up the other Country station morning show.

Back then, I still wasn't a big fan of Lunchbox. I don't think Amy wasn't married yet (or had just gotten married) and Bobby was still cool in a nerdy kind of way. Of course it takes more than just these three to run the show. You also have Alayna, Eddie, Ray, Nada, Bobby Guard Cruz, Justin the Suit, and I hope I didn't leave anybody out!!!

One of my favorite things about this particular show is they're just a bunch of friends and that's actually one of their tag lines. They also don't have annoying radio voices and I know, you know what I'm talking about, right?!

Sometimes they play repeat shows when they're on vacation or something and because I'm such a devoted listener I definitely hate to miss the morning show. But, sleeping in and not being an "Early morning listener" is worth it on my Mondays off.

They have so many good segments it always makes me want to be part of the show as one of their "friends" too!

Fabulous Segments
Lunchbox Bonehead story of the Day
Tell Me Something Good
Amy's Joke of the Day (no longer active)
Blogs (where they talk about ONE thing going on in their lives)
Rays Top/Big Three (news stories)
Friday Morning Dance Party
Name that Tune
Amy's Ninety Second Skinny
What Year Was It?

I know I'm forgetting one!

They also have multiple ways they positively impact their listeners and those around them.

The Raging Idiots
Bobby and Producer Eddie travel across the States giving benefit shows. They claim they're not talented and they're a little bit correct. People buy tickets and 100% of the profits go to a local animal charity in whatever city they're in. How cool is that?

Pimpin' Joy
This all started when Amy's mom was diagnosed with cancer or went into remission. I'm not sure which, but it's been something that brings good to the everyday. Anytime you do a good deed, a Random Act of Kindness you're in essence Pimping Joy.

I don't have to think about what I'll do for the first four hours in the morning because it's always the Bobby Bones Show. I've even looked up their podcast station on iHeart Radio when I've missed a show if I remember.

Of course maybe you're not a morning show person at all and I totally get that. I didn't used to be either.

What do you do to start your day?

Don't forget about #tbtHolidayEdition tomorrow!!


  1. I listen to my iphone music playlists. I sometimes will listen to a local country station but I can't stand their talking portions. Haha!

  2. I miss driving to work every day for this reason. I love being able to zone out and just listen to the radio during my commute. Now its the bus!

  3. i'm definitely not a morning show or any show kinda girl. i despise the radio, lol. i listen to audiobooks when i drive, mostly. if i took the train i would read an actual book, but public transport here is non existent. traffic was so bad at home that i used to read an actual book as i drove because you moved so slowly.

  4. I love the radio & usually switch up my morning shows. I just need funny people to get me going in the AM

  5. I love his weekend shows! I totally didn't know he did a daily show!

  6. I'm seriously in love with the Bobby Bones Show! Living in Austin, I always listened to them once I got a job in the working world. I was so, so sad when they announced they were moving to Nashville, but I LOVE them on the country station more than ever! And they're still true to who they are. Love, love, love their success and they deserve it!

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