Monday, December 22, 2014

The Last Freakin' Weekend Before Christmas 2014

I hope you have all of your shopping done because the malls were absolutely crazy this weekend and are sure to get even worse as Christmas day approaches!! Luckily for me I only had a couple of super quick stops that I needed to make and with my strategic planning I didn't stress out too much. I've had most of my Christmas shopping done since November with only a few stragglers that needed to be finished up this week.

I do have shopping plans for tomorrow when my sister is here!! So good thoughts, prayers and vibes would be appreciated while we're braving the crowds.

You know when you make an agreement with a friend not to get each other anything and then they get you something?! Yeah, last minute shopping for you!

One of the funny things that happened this weekend I shared on Instagram and my Youtube channel. I don't post much to Youtube, but that's in the works for 2015!! Here's a little trick my dad decided to play on Boomer. Poor guy!

Other than that I found out a friend of mine is MOVING to Arkansas. Only 4 hours from where I used to live but soooo far from Florida. So I spent much time with friends and managed to squeeze in a first date and finished several books. Successful weekend in my books.

1. I saw an idea on pinterest to twist your hair and then dry each section separately and putting it in the velcro rollers. This was my attempt and I don't think it did anything different for my hair.
2. This was my brunch date outfit. It wasn't really cold enough in Florida for a scarf and a jacket but no tights was a bonus! I was thankful I had both of these because I ended up with plans after and didn't have time to run home to get cold weather essentials. The nights here can get pretty chilly for Floridians.
3. They recently opened up a 4 Rivers in Tampa which serves smoked meats but they also have amazing sweet treats in their sweet shop. I had to try both of the Christmas treats and the cupcake won hands down.
4. I had to show off this shirt I did for Christina Lauren and my colorful Disney scarf.
5. I participated in an Ornament Exchange and this was the PERFECT ornament I received from my partner. More to come on that Wednesday!!
6. This was from the smokehouse place I mentioned above 4 Rivers, and then we were off to a brewery (Cigar City) where they thankfully had cider so I could have one drink, lol.

I have a poll up trying to get some feedback for My Little HEA and I would love to hear from you!!

How was your weekend?! Do you have all of your shopping done?

Linking up for weekending with B Loved Boston and Champagne and Suburbs.

Sadly this will be my last weekend linkup with Leann and Kimberlee for Monday Morning Gossip but it was a great run thanks to these ladies!! I recently found out some bloggers don't like weekend posts and I had no idea!! When I do something fun or have time I love sharing mine. It's cool to also see what others did for their weekends, especially when they live in a different area than Sunny, no snow Florida. So, do you like weekend posts?! I must know!


  1. I like to see what people do over the weekend especially if it is interesting but I know sometimes for me at least I can do the same stuff over and over so I thinking really editing it down to just the interesting stuff otherwise it gets tedious for the reader. Do tell more about this date! ;)

  2. I love the ornament you got from the exchange!! I personally love weekend posts because it's the only time I really post about Boston, restaurants we try out and that sort of to me I'll continue doing it as long as people still want to link up!! Good luck shopping with your sister- hoping you have small lines wherever you go!! Hope you have a great Monday! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! haha loved the vid. He found that food. Good luck shopping. I literally just went to the grocery to pick up something for my mum since she forgot to pick it up while shopping last week. IT WAS HELL. so I wish you luck! :)

  4. I like weekend posts! Sometimes I don't have a lot to post about when it's a slow weekend, but for those I just keep it short and sweet. I like reading about other people's weekends too!

  5. i've got some velcro tutoruals if you need 'em. anyway, the malls didn't bother me as much as the dang parking lots. i was OVER that part.

  6. Rollers give my hair volume but not curl. I like them when I have time to use them!

  7. I've heard of 4 Rivers but haven't gone. I need to goooo!

  8. That cupcake looks so fun & delicious!


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