Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Artsy + Architectural Side of London and Ireland

I don't know about you, but it's about time for another #travelTuesday post around here and I have a few more up my sleeve from my Europe trip FOUR months ago. It's amazing how fast time really does just fly by.

One of my favorite things about London was getting the opportunity to take in both the art and architecture in a region with such history. There were some things that had reoccurring themes and I couldn't get enough of like lamp posts. I knew I would see them if I was in London because some of my favorite shots have them but I was so excited when I got to London and they were everywhere!!

Being a graphic designer or an art and design student really made things like advertisements stand out in a sea flooded with visual stimulation. This one was funny because it plays off the popular Fifty Shades. It was in one of their subway tunnels and that's one of the things that I don't get to experience very often.

In my Favorite things about London post I shared a different book bench, but these were one of the things on my must see list and we almost missed them but were able to see them on the very last stop before the airport.

I think this was the first piece of artwork I saw by the river when we got there. The bright colors, structuring, play on dimension and reality stood out.

This one was so cool too. Not many people were stopping to look at the art, as you can see how they're walking through but I thought it was so cool. I had no idea when I took the picture how you were supposed to interpret it, but if you read each color separately it actually makes a sentence or statement.

I became absolutely obsessed with all of the colorful flower boxes they saw there. I can't wait to hopefully find a place with the potential for window boxes in the states! Also, all of the town houses and some were painted multiple colors in a row.

I think I'll do a complete post on our Guinness tour, but this was one of the artwork pieces inside that was pretty cool. It's a giant pint glass with the foam at the top all glowing.

One of the things I think of when I talk about the artsy side is music and OMG these guys were absolutely amazing! We hear them a couple of times in the same area down by all of the pubs where UCF and Penn State fans were hanging out. I was glad we did because I was able to pick up a cd from them. Check out Mutefish and see if you would have liked them too.

When we were being super touristy I saw this map and thought it kind of looked artsy. Maybe even like an abstract person. *shrug* So this is my art that's not necessarily art piece.

We were walking through the shops and walked by this incredible display of old sewing machines. It was a super trendy expensive clothing store, not a sewing store but this was my favorite part. I had to take a picture of a Pfaff because my mother still has hers that she got while we lived in Europe.

One of the most creative outside store decorations we saw and it totally made me think of Alice in Wonderland.

This is kind of architecture'y right? Their train had these circle sections that rotated as the train turned the tight corners in their busy streets. I think this was in Ireland, because the subway in London was more reminiscent of NYC subway and I didn't see anything like this.

I have at least two more posts to finish up this trip, so I hope you'll stick around for 2015!! don't forget I have a poll up trying to get some feedback for My Little HEA and I would love to hear from you!!


  1. I am dying to go to London! Someday I hope. Great photos!

  2. Ohh I would love to visit London and Scotland and all of those! Someday!

  3. Lovely pics. I love noticing these types of things when I'm in a different place.

  4. Those lightpoles on the south bank are some of my favorite things to photograph - they are just so intricate!! Love the bright houses!!

  5. I love all of these pictures- so cool to see such different things all in one (or two) cities!

  6. Love all the colors of the buildings. London is on my must see list!

  7. I love London and it definitely has an artsy side. Beautiful city!!


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