Thursday, December 18, 2014

#tbtholidayedition Our Must Watch Christmas Movie

Most of my friends have a Christmas movie or two that they watch every year whether it's by themselves or with family and/or friends. For us it's The Santa Clause Trilogy, hello Tim Allen Ho, Ho, Ho!

My brother was a little toddler when the first The Santa Clause came out and around a year and a half when he first saw it. Well, we have a tendency to become addicted to things like my obsession with pink or Twilight. His very first obsession was with Charlie. He named his stuffed dog Charlie and pretended to be Santa every Christmas for a couple of years.

He was sooo stinkin' adorable, right?

Of course I had to play along as the big sister that adored her little brother at that age. As he got older and knew everything that's wasn't always the case. We sure did have fun when he was little though. Eight years difference between us was perfect.

Fast forward to when the second The Santa Clause came out and all of a sudden my brother slightly resembled the actor that played Charlie, lol.

Brother is on the left and the actor Eric Lloyd that plays Charlie is on the right. I didn't have many pics of J to choose from and none without the beard.

What's your favorite Christmas you watch every year?

Now it's your turn!! If you missed this week, feel free to join in. I'll be doing this all month, every Thursday until December 31st!

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  1. wow he really does look like charlie lol. i loved the santa clause movies, my brother and i used to do the chairs and stuff too pretending we were on a sleigh my mum would get so mad!

  2. I love all of those movies! I remember when Charlie was grown up in it & I was like, "IS THAT THE SAME KID??!?"

  3. Love The Santa Clause!! I also have to watch Elf, Home Alone and The Grinch!!!

  4. Love Actually is my favorite! It makes me laugh, cry, hurt, smile, dance, is just perfect. I watched it Tuesday night :)

  5. Elf, Love Actually, The Holiday, and The Family Stone are all must watch movies for me.


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