Thursday, December 4, 2014

#tbtHolidayEdition The Giant Stuffed Bear for Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... *sings*

Who are we kidding?! It's been looking like Christmas for the last MONTH and I've finally broken out the carols!

I hope you are in the Christmas spirit because I have some cute pics of me as a little girl! If the timing is correct, this would have been our first Christmas after we moved from Germany back in the states.

This little guy next to me is my cousin, isn't he a cutie?! He still has that dimple too, lol!

I am so thankful my mom was able to capture memories like this for me to go back and look at.

Hopefully you have some memories to share with me too?!

Next week is another Holiday Christmas post!! Even posting stuff from last year is a throwback. Of course visiting other blogs is the point of these link ups and I'd love it if you mention and/or link back here for others to join!

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  1. I totally had that bear as well!!!!

  2. OH MY GOD I am pretty sure even I had that bear, which is saying something because hello different countries. and by the by you are so adorable.


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