Thursday, December 11, 2014

#tbtholidayedition The Early Christmas aka Barbie Car

This Christmas we're going to talk about was the year my dad went away to the war right around Thanksgiving, so we had Christmas before he left. Luckily we didn't live in a place where it was cold so we still got to enjoy our gift.

I can remember wishing for this thing sooo many times and the elation when we finally got it. The only thing that would have been better is if it came with two seats because we both needed to ride in it, duh.

I was so thankful to have my sister with me growing up. Even though I love being by myself I had a play mate and someone to boss around, lol.

I'm not sure if my dad was just home from work or why he was in his uniform, but I loved seeing him in it when I was looking through these pictures.

What was the one thing you really wanted for Christmas when you were a kid?

Now it's your turn!! If you missed this week, feel free to join in. I'll be doing this all month, every Thursday until December 31st!

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  1. Barbie car - how fun!
    I always wanted a Barbie dream house :)
    I got one better - my dad made me a HUGE house for my Barbie's - taller then me... it was fantastic

  2. i definitely wanted one of these, or any car really, and never got one, womp womp. i wish i had a sister to grow up with!

  3. So jealous of the barbie car! I wanted one so badly growing up!

  4. That car is sweet!! I am seriously lacking in old pictures. I did love my fake kitchen, they got so much use.

  5. I am insanely jealous you have a picture of this! I tore apart my parents house trying to find a picture of me cruising in mine when I was little and nowhere to be found. Wasn't that the most epic thing ever????


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