Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Review: Permanent Hair Reduction with Veet® Infini'Silk™

Am I the only one that wears jeans when it's hot out to cover up my unshavenhairy legs? Or has to rethink that sleeveless shirt if you don't shave your arm pits everyday? What about the bikini line upkeep? Yuck! I've tried the waxing of a certain area, so naturally laser hair removal was my next thought.

Since I live in Florida, shaving so often has had me thinking about getting laser hair removal. Luckily Veet contacted me and asked me to try out their at-home Hair Reduction system Veet® Infini'Silk™. Now I've only done one treatment about a little over a week ago so I haven't really seen the best results for a full review, but I wanted to share my first thoughts with you.

I was a little apprehensive. What was going to happen when I pushed the button? Was it going to hurt? I mean, people have different pain tolerance. I took a little video in case you're thinking about trying this out for yourself and don't have to be wondering what's going to happen. Excuse my lack of video recording skills.

See, just a little pulse of super bright light and a touch of heat on your skin.

Ease of Use
Soooo easy! I will say I probably was a little too careful with the placement of where the light was hitting and didn't keep my spacing tight enough. You're not supposed to hit the same area twice in the same session and I'm a HUGE rule follower when it comes to stuff like this. Reading the instructions twice and all. I also didn't make it go up past a 2.5 because I could feel something and even though I have a pretty high pain tolerance I don't like inflicting it on myself when I don't know what the outcome is. After all was said and done there was no redness, no burning, nothing. Next time I'll go up higher because I'm not as cautious and no longer a newbie.

You have to shave before you start each treatment due to the fact that it has the light hitting your leg and light mixed with dry hair could result in singing off said hair. Anyway, factoring in the shaving it took about 30-45 minutes to do both of my legs from the knee down. You do need to test each area and then wait an hour, but you only have to do that the first time. Then once your "session" is over you can go about your day as you normally would.

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One of the main things with this machine is your skin and hair color must be compatible with the device. It has a meter to check your pigment and if it's not light-medium skin/dark hair it probably won't work. From what I've researched in any laser hair removal this tends to be similar. Luckily I'm pretty white and have super dark hair which isn't something I usually say with a smile on my face.

Like I said, it's a little too early for a resounding yes but I am hopeful and not discouraged. Now I have to wait until Sunday 12/14 for my next treatment (that's two weeks between treatments) and I'm hoping after that second treatment to see some more definite results. I'll share how I'm doing after the first of the year and another treatment or two down!

You can purchase the machine I tried out here for $300 or 6 payments of $49.95 and it comes with a replacement cartridge that according to Amazon runs anywhere from $39-$90. They have a cheaper machine that doesn't offer the replacement options for about $240. Each cartridge comes with a pre-determined number of pulses and when it runs out, it runs out.

Have you had laser hair removal done or looked into getting it? Would you consider saving money and doing it yourself?

What would you like to see in the next review?

I was provided with Veet® Infini'Silk™ in exchange for my honest review.


  1. That is very intriguing, I would LOVE to not have to shave, but professional laser hair removal is so expensive! Thanks for the review!

  2. I would love to never have to shave again! The laser removal is so expensive and takes so many sessions, at home would be great!

  3. I never knew you could even buy anything like that for home use! Crazy!!!

  4. interesting! thankfully I don't have to shave that often, very light hair.

  5. Such a fun product!!! I am definitely intrigued!


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