Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Ornament Exchange 2014

I absolutely love gift exchanges, and have been especially fond of them in the blog world because you have the opportunity to meet people you may not have AND give/get something at the same time. Win, win in my book!

When I stumbled upon Della's blog and saw she was doing an ornament exchange I knew that was the one I wanted to participate in this Holiday season. I've seriously been trying to limit myself to the swaps I do since you're not just purchasing the item, but providing shipping and nice wrapping, etc.

I've done multiple swaps and have been introduced to some fabulous ladies through the years, and this time was no different. I was paired up with Tif from Bright on a Budget and we got to know each other through my crazy but calculated series of questions.

She's an attorney, a mother to the cutest little guy and just graduated with her MBA, go Tif!! In case you didn't catch her blog name (hint hint), she's totally committed to never paying full price and will show you a thing or two about finding the best deals around. It's not all about the deals, she also shares DIY projects like this cute Christmas Card Holder and she's super fashionable so make sure you're following her on Instagram for budget friendly fashion ideas!!

Now let's talk about the awesome, most perfect ornament she sent to me!!

My favorite color is pink (duh) and if we had to pick two favorite colors it would be two varying shades of pink I'm sure. I also love bows, tutus, sparkles, etc. I'm just a very girly girl. Well, Tif totally got me and I don't think anybody could have picked out a more perfect ornament than a pink, sparkly bow with a dangling jewel!

I had to try it out on my mom's tree as soon as I got it so I could share it but then I got to thinking that it would make the PERFECT topper for my pink tree at work!

Thanks so much to Tif for getting me such a perfect ornament and Della for hosting the swap!!

What's a swap you've enjoyed? Any swap idea you've never seen that would really interest you?

I always think I've seen them all and then I find one that I just think is the best idea ever, hah!

I'll be back again tomorrow with one more #tbtHolidayEdition and it's featuring my seeester! She came in Monday night and it's been go-go-go since. I had my last work Christmas thing this week and got some great stuff from coworkers. I can't wait to share everything I've received and given because I think I give some pretty great gifts too.

Tonight I'll be singing Christmas songs with the band before we all go back to my parents house to open one gift on Christmas eve. I have a few things still to wrap...or maybe I'll just be lazy and leave them under the tree without pretty wrapping paper, lol!

What do you still have to do for the Holiday? What are some of your Christmas Eve traditions?


  1. Oh wow, that IS perfect on your pink tree! Love it! Merry Christmas to you!

  2. That is the perfect ornament for you. Love the sparkle and shine. I spend the night at my brother's house and we do dinner there then presents the next day. Being able to see the girls get excited is the best part.

  3. That looks so perfect on there and how cute is that tree!!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


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