Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Best Songs of 2014

With my love of music I couldn't turn down the chance to put together a list of my fav songs from 2014 with Helene but it also fell on my scheduled #tbt linkup so I'm posting a day ahead. Most, if not all of these songs have been downloaded as singles and then I purchased the artist CD when it was available too just to see if the rest of the album lived up to the released single.

95% of the time my radio is set to a country station so this list will obviously reflect that. Those songs not country were found through Pandora or iTunes Radio.

9. Amnesia - 5 Seconds of Summer
I mistakenly thought this was One Direction when I first heard it on Pandora because I had never heard of the band. I'm a teeny bopper at heart and I'm sure I always will be so boy bands make some of the best music for me to keep on repeat.
Amnesia by 5 Seconds Of Summer on Grooveshark

8. Try - Colbie Caillat
This has a good message, cool video stuff going on with no makeup and I really just love her songs.
Try by Colbie Caillat on Grooveshark

7. Play it Again - Luke Bryan
I've loved this song since the CD came out in 2013. It was my favorite song for sooo long and then the radio single got released so now I feel like it's overplayed. Womp womp.
Play It Again by Luke Bryan on Grooveshark

6. Beat of the Music - Brett Eldredge
Ummm, Brett Eldredge is supposedly not just a great musician but also a really nice guy and I love turning this song up and dancing.

5. Shake it Off - Taylor Swift
Dear Taylor, thanks for always making super catchy songs. Even when I don't like a song right away most of the time it grows on me. You also need to make sure you see the awkward dancing that is classic Taylor in case you haven't seen the video.

4. Dirt - Florida Georgia Line
I seriously cannot get enough of this song. It takes me back home to the dirt roads and even further back to times I spent on my grandparents' farm.
Dirt by Florida Georgia Line on Grooveshark

3. Automatic - Miranda Lambert
This song takes me back. Miranda has such a talent of making memories come right up in my face, usually bringing a tear or two. Automatic by Miranda Lambert on Grooveshark

2. All of Me - John Legend
For his wife, what a lucky gal. There are pretty much no words to describe my love for this song. Hello, hopeless romantic here. All of Me by John Legend on Grooveshark

1. Day Drinking - Little Big Town
If you've seen any of my drink recipes, you know I love me some day drinking. This song just has so much fun written into it. It's a great beach song, tailgating, Sunday in the park.
Day Drinking () by Little Big Town, on Grooveshark

What are some of your favorite songs form 2014?

Don't forget tomorrow is another #tbtHolidayEdition linkup.

The Best Songs Of 2014


  1. Miranda really does write the most sentimental songs!

  2. Love this list! Though, I don't know if I have heard Try BY? I need to look it up! I love her

  3. Love this list 1-8 are all songs I like. I took a turn towards country this year and am loving it.

  4. Of course Shake it Off! And I LOVE All of Me, so perfect! And anything by Luke Bryan! I also love Crash My Party!

  5. Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran and Budapest by George Ezra 😃

  6. I've never heard the colbie callit one!! i like it!! thanks so much for linking up!!

  7. We may not share the same musically tastes, but I love all music fans! I'm a total rock 'n' roll girl, but dang...Shake It Off is a gooooood song.

  8. Hey Heather,

    New follower here! Definitely agree on John Legend's - All of Me. Great pick! Cute blog by the way!


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