Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Goals + Resolutions

I absolutely cannot believe it's already the end of 2014. We're only so many hours away from the start of a new year and that's always something that gets my planning mind running. Thinking of what I accomplished in 2014 and what I want to work toward in 2015.

The one goal I'd like to stem everything from is Spend Less, Use More.

I tried to come up with one word and it might be minimal.

I'm not sure how this will work other than I really need to tighten my proverbial money belt. I have a lot of stuff and can do with a lot less. I just need to keep repeating the question: Do I really need this?!

Last year I did a couple of spending freezes and I'm looking at doing that for the first few months so I can majorly pay down what's left of my credit card debt and what seem like the never ending school loans.

I thought I'd separate it into three categories with a few focuses under each one.

Personal Goals

Healthier Me in 2015
I want to try to find a healthier lifestyle that works for me. Instead of putting a number of pounds to lose or strict diet to follow, I want to focus on that lifestyle change they always talk about in place of diets and fads.
Some of the ways I'm going to do that are committing to 2x a week walking/jogging or doing a workout DVD, no eating carbs after 2:00 pm and I loved the idea of cutting out ONE thing each month. I'm not sure what I'll be cutting out for ALL the months, but January will be sweets. This will also be one of my 30 Before Thirty goals of no sweets for 30 days!

Read 125 Books
After way outdoing my goal for 2014 I thought I should amp it up and actually have a pretty hefty goal.

Try a New Thing Each Month
Whether it's a place, event, challenge or food I love the idea of trying new things as I get older. While I could be more stuck in my ways, I think branching out and actually getting outside my comfort zone better me in many ways. My friend S did this challenge this year and she nailed it!!

Live by myself.
This is HUGE for me. This is the year I've been looking forward to since I started this blog because I will finally feel like I'm in an emotional and financial place to move out on my own. I'm trying not to rush it, but I also feel like not rushing it has put me in a holding pattern and making it easier to not do. If that makes sense.

Blog Goals

I'd like to:
Post one DIY or recipe each month.
I'll probably try to alternate, but I'm sure you guys get tired of reading all about me and might want to learn a thing or two.

Post one video (makeup, haul, books, any ideas, etc.) a month.
This will take quite a bit of effort, but the more I watch youtube videos, random most of the time the more I'd like to put myself out there and challenge myself to do this. Why am I so crazy?

Sponsor one blog a month.
I kind of tried that this year but had a few months where I backed off of blogging and also backed off sponsoring. I'd love to branch out and find new blogs to sponsor, so if you have suggestions hit me up! Along this line I'd like to do some ad swapping so if you want to swap buttons just shoot me an email

Business Goals

Bring on at least one new client.
Considering the fact that I wasn't planning on starting a business in 2014 I think this is a good goal for me.
I love not being overbooked, so I don't want to go crazy with new clients but I feel like I should be looking at a little bit of growth in the next year.

Finish my business site.
It's live, but it's not where I want it to be for this one new client I'm trying to bring on, lol.

What are some of your resolutions or goals this year?

I don't even know what I'm doing tonight for New Year's Eve, but I'm having people over for brunch New Year's Day so there's that. Do you have plans for New Year's Eve? Maybe I can just come hang out with you.


  1. Can I just steal all your personal goals? Happy New Year!!

  2. Whooo... I always feel like I'm pushing it to read 50 books a year. kudos to you!
    I so need to spend less next year. That's a goal of mine.

  3. Great 2015 goals! Did I miss something - side business?

  4. Those are awesome goals. You rocked the reading goals! I thinking learning to live alone is such a good experience. Wishing nothing but the best for you this year!!

  5. I think that you have some great goals for next year!!! I am trying to clean up my eating more, read more books, try more new things, and just find things that make me happier over all. What business do you speak of? I missed something....

    Happy New Years! Cheers to a healthy and happy 2015!

    1. Also, I meant to say that living on my own was one of the best things that I have done for myself and while it can be a little scary to think is so worth it and you really grow yourself! Good luck with that :)

  6. Awesome goals!!! You can do it!!

  7. These are great! I love your approach of balancing between being realistic and pushing yourself. 2015 is going to be such a great year!

  8. Living on my own is definitely on my list for 2015 too! I wouldn't mind having a roommate though, I just want to move out of my parents house before my youngest sister moves out for college!

  9. good luck with all your goals girly - i'm sure you'll smash them all. here's to 2015!


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