Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanksgiving with Friends #tbtholidayedition

Thanksgiving has always been a Holiday we spent with our extended family, often times setting us up with our Christmas exchange partners. When we moved to Florida we were what my dad likes to call pioneers, we had nobody. With the exception of work or church friends we barely knew, we didn't have a family to celebrate with.

That changed a few years ago when my mom got close to her friend S. We both have a friend named S, and they're special to us.

Anyway, mom's friend S has a family of her own but opens her home to us on Thanksgiving every year. Always having a fabulous spread of food, Sangria and other yummy things to devour. Like Trader Joe's Pumpkin Cheesecake!!!!

We've been incredibly blessed in the last 6 years we've been in Florida to establish such great relationships.

I would also say we're blessed that she does it at her house every year and has her kids clean so we don't have to do any of the dirty work!!! Now, that also means we don't have leftovers, womp womp. My brother has to work that day, so we'll be dropping off a plate of goodies for him to enjoy and thinking of my sister in Nebraska.

We'll be at S house again next week, where will you be? What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions?

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  1. That is really nice that you have a place to go that feels like family. I go to my Aunt's house and I bring the desserts. I get to see everything and not have to shop so I am a happy girl.

  2. That's awesome! One of my best friends spends Thanksgiving with us most years and she's considered part of the family.

  3. hope you have a great time! i just go to my mother in laws house, she has like 20 people come over, it's insane!

  4. So fun when friends become family! Hope you have a great holiday!


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