Friday, November 21, 2014


NAME // Heather, Heather Dawn, H, Hey - I respond to all of these, and am most commonly known as Heather Dawn online except when I started this blog.

FAMILY // I'm the oldest of three kids. My brother still lives here but my sister lives closer to "back home" in Nebraska where it's way too cold!!

WORK // By day I'm a Customer Service rep for a company that focuses on New Home Construction and Multi-Family Housing aka apartments. I don't talk about it much on here because even though I really like where I work it's not my passion. Reading or designing is, fo sho!

HOBBIES // Reading, watching Drama TV shows, sometimes cooking, eating, reading.

FAV FOOD // Chips and Dip, followed closely by Pizza.

FAV COLOR // Pink, and if it's clothing it's a shade of white, grey or black.

STD COFFEE ORDER // Tall, Non-fat, No Whip, Peppermint Mocha. It's the perfect size 90% of the time.

STD BAR ORDER // Margarita on the rocks with salt or Sangria.

PLACES I SHOP // Target, Ulta, Gap, Sephora, that's pretty much it.

BED TIME / WAKE UP TIME // Bedtime is 10 pm and my alarm goes off most mornings at 5:30. This week I've been reading right before bed and falling asleep before 10.

BEAUTY PRODUCTS I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT // Foundation, blush and lip gloss!

WHAT I BLOG ABOUT // My life. Books, favorite things, being a designer, country music.

1ST BLOG I READ // Mama Laughlin

HOW DID I START BLOGGING // I really enjoyed reading about her struggles, everyday life and getting that glimpse. I also thought I might have stuff I could contribute. I had no idea how big the blogging world was and how much it could take over my life.

WHY I BLOG // I have stuff I want to say and I love an audience. Knowing there's a possibility I might speak to somebody or make another friend is amazing!!


I'm heading into another busy weekend and am really going to try to get a post up Monday of what I've been up to for several weekends. I've missed talking about my crazy weekends and linking up with everybody! What Monday linkups do you participate in?

I posted the following selfie on Instagram this morning after Steph's prompt. I have my hand in charities that deal with DV sometimes, so this is such an interesting way to bring awareness to Domestic Violence.

What charities, if any do you have a part in?


  1. I love you specify favorite color based on clothes or in general. I always ask that question before answering. I don't want to know a life without books! Love the selfie and for such a good cause. I always support Breast Cancer and really any cause. I'm a total sucker for giving back.

  2. It's always really interesting to see what blogs you first started out reading!

  3. Love these posts, so cool to learn more about you!

  4. I thought the #WallofSilence was an interesting approach to fighting DV too! I was glad to see you do it.

    Chips & Dip is my favorite, always and forever.

  5. Haha, I thought you worked at a design firm :) Loved this post!

  6. Interesting post! My 3 makeup products that I can't go without are foundation, blush, and mascara.

  7. Love getting to know more about you! :D

  8. Chips and dip and target and reading forever!


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