Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fall Hayrides #tbtHolidayEdition

With daylight savings time coming to an end this last weekend, I am treated to almost a daily sunset on my drive home from work. I love many things about the Fall, and the coooler weather that eventually shows up in Florida with this time change is one of them.

The other thing is Fall bonfires and hayrides. Back home, we had an annual event that would happen every Fall where we would gather in the middle of nowhere at this one farm. Everybody would bring a side dish and we would roast hot dogs and have s'mores for dessert.

After dinner, but before the s'mores and definitely before the sunset they would load all the kids and any adults that wanted to ride around the farm on the flat bed of a trailer lined with hay bales.

I'm actually not in the picture above, my sister is. I am in the one below; many years ago! Way before we moved to Kansas. This was a Texas hayride, yeehaw!

I'm so thankful I got to experience the absolute beauty of the Midwest for a lot of my development years. While I enjoy the Florida weather, and all the it has to offer. I will always call Kansas home.

What's one of your favorite things to do with Family and Friends in the Fall?

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  1. I love apple picking in the Fall. Thanksgiving is my first thought though and just getting to spend time with family is always a plus.

  2. Oh, that looks so fun. It seems like Georgia fall is not quite what fall is elsewhere. :)

  3. Hayrides are so much fun, especially when you're a kid!


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