Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Staycation To Do List

Have you ever had a plan to do something and then the time just flies by and you only get one or two things (or nothing) crossed off your list?

This past weekend I had 5-6 things on my to do list and instead of crossing things off left and right I only got one of those things done.


That's just not enough for me right now, lol and I think I need a little bit of accountability so I'm sharing my To Do List with you.

I'm taking off Thursday and Friday this week and it's also my Monday off so I have FIVE whole days to get the following things done and then I'll share what I got done next week!

Okay? Okay!
1. Clean My Room
I've been hanging out in Helene's Blog Consultations and have had to sit so the other participants don't see my messy room/office! How embarrassing. This has been on my list of things to finish for MONTHS. I've started and almost finished a couple of times, but this time I have a goal of purging since we're doing a garage sale in November!! This also includes hanging curtains and maybe some other things.

2. Design Project 1 + Design Project 2.
I have two different clients I'm working with that have something that I need to finish and I'm looking forward to getting those crossed off my list this weekend!

3. Happy Birthday Cards
I need to get to scrapbooking and I promised a couple of people that I would start sending out Birthday cards. I need to get them made!!

4. Purge the Craft Room
This might be overly ambitious since I'll be cleaning my room/office as well but it needs to be done so why not cross it off my list?!

5. Organize My Books + TBR List
I have piles of these around my room and bags of unread ones. I need to get a better system and I also want to make a lite of ETA TBR books for the rest of the year. Like when I'll be reading what I have and what is coming out. I'm really excited about doing this I've just been way too lazy to actually get it done.

6. Finish My Europe Travel Posts
I have at least two other posts that need to be shared with a lot of pictures but I have to turn on my desktop for that and I just haven't been in the mood. I'm hoping this weekend comes with a lot of motivation!!

7. Blog Design
I have an idea for a complete redesign that I want to start working on and after the design consultation with Helene and Sarah, I'm excited to start on it but I'm thinking I'll wait to share it after the first of the year. Kind of like a new year new me! I also have another idea I've been meaning to work on and I'm hoping to get started on that. I know, very vague but I'm doing it as a surprise!

8. Day Planner by Heather
I've loved my Erin Condren planner, BUT I also like the way the Whitney English days are laid out hourly and have been working on merging my favorite parts about the two together so I can make my own planner! I just need to finish.

9. DIY or Recipe Post
I have pictures for both of these and I just need to sit down and write/schedule the post! Again...they're probably on my big computer so once my desk is clean maybe I'll get 'er done.

10. Have Fun!
Even with all of these to do things I'm expecting to enjoy myself. I just need to stop being a lazy bum. Amen?

What do you do when you have an overwhelming list of tasks to complete?


  1. Sounds like a great productive list! I have been saying I will perge and clean my craft room for almost a year now. Oops.

  2. Love, love, love this list! I need to make one myself because there are definitely some things that get pushed off, or half complete and theeen I get distracted by something else. I hope you get a little boost to finish your Europe posts though- excited to read those posts!

  3. oh my gosh yes please with the europe posts lol! you are going to be productive, my staycations are 'sleep, read + eat'.

  4. Can't wait to see what your own day planner looks like...!!

  5. I love taking a few days off to knock some items off the to-do list. I try and spread my list over the days so I tackle one or two per day while still getting some relaxing tine in too. Have fun!!

  6. Wow, this to-do list sounds so productive and organized! I managed to cross a few things off my list thanks to Columbus Day - it's really amazing how much more you can accomplish with an extra day or two at home!

  7. This is a great list! Love staycations! I love the idea of making your own planner!

  8. I love staycations! But it looks like you plan to be a lot more productive than I would be on a staycation. :)

  9. I am moving next month and using it as an opportunity for a major organizing/decluttering. My books are in need desperately!


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