Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Costumes #TBTHolidayEdition

I absolutely love dressing up, even now as an adult. I mean, today is our Costume Contest at work and I'll share pics of my costume tomorrow and probably Instagram throughout the day today so make sure you're following me.

Kerry touched on this last week when she shared her costumes. We too had one child size costume that managed to be worn by each of us three kids and my mom had a coordinating costume to wear with us. I remember these clown costumes like it was yesterday. I did not remember the Pocahontas / Indian costume until I saw this picture but I remember it now. Especially my little moccasins!

Mom and I weren't able to find the picture with me in the clown costume though because we had so few pics from those years and NONE around Halloween.

One of my absolute FAVORITE outfits was the genie costume. We had a school play where we needed a genie and somehow I managed to beat out another girl for the part. I was in HEAVEN! Then of course I had to wear it for a year or two for Halloween and dress up!

Some other fabulous costumes we rocked through the years!

Now it's YOUR turn!!

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  1. Oh my you were just too cute! The indian girl is the best one I think.

  2. oh my gosh look how cute you are!!!! i can't even pick a fave, i love them all -but the first one is extra cute ;)

  3. that genie costume is everything! i think i may have found my costume for next year ;)


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