Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Exploring London - My Top Tourist Destinations

I think we went about doing London the best way we knew how. Start with the most touristy spots and then work your way out.

Living in Florida, I'm surrounded by tourists more than I'd ever prefer, but it comes with the benefits those tourists are looking for. Sun, beach, Disney World, etc. When I traveled to London, I knew it was a rainy city but the rain stayed away for us to have a perfect first day!

Our flight arrived around 7 am Sunday morning, after we'd slept for a short while on the plane and enjoyed breakfast. First class had its privileges, the sleeping was one of them. After checking into our hotel we showered because airplane air, ugh! Then we set off toward the Palace, Big Ben, London Eye, they're all like right next to each other.

Double decker buses are one of the MAJOR things I think about when I think about London and what better way to showcase this iconic symbol than as a bright pink frozen yogurt shop!

As we were walking around, getting our first feel of London I saw a ton of interesting art but I think there's enough for a whole post about that so you won't see any here. I did capture my first sighting of Buckingham Palace I think.

Then it was off to do the London Eye. Let me tell you, we paid way too much for this ride because we weren't interested in waiting in line but it was soo worth it for the photos I was able to take. This first shot was while we were standing in line and then the second one was the capsule behind us. The thirty minute ride seemed a little too long and they could have used more air conditioning.

I took a bajillion pics of Big Ben, Parliament, Buckingham, Buses, etc. but I thought I'd just share the better ones.

One of the things I was obsessed with before I even got to Buckingham was the supposed unicorns on their gates and OMG did they not disappoint! I mean, look at that unicorn! Sure, there's the lion and other interesting things going on in the details but I was mainly there for the unicorns. I didn't even think to look for the red hat guards, but from all of my pictures I couldn't pick out any so I'm not sure if they weren't in the area we were or what.

I also became a little obsessed with taking pictures of the British flag. Not something I've ever taken a particular interest in before, but whenever I would see it on a building I would take several shots.

Then of course I had to get a picture of me standing in front of the palace or you know, it didn't happen!

Our next stop was Tower Bridge, which I think a lot of people mistake for London Bridge like from the song. Anyway, I think the way they depicted the devastation that took place at the tower with the red flowers was amazing. While we were there they had tours you could pay for that allowed you to walk around down on the grass but even from my view point it was breathtaking.

This was pretty much our last stop before we headed back to the hotel for dinner and drinks since our feet were killing us by this time. We talked about walking across the bridge but I really wasn't feeling like it. Then of course, the pic of me in front of it!

Of course these weren't the only touristy things we did, but they were the things I imagined we'd do on my list!

We did go to Picadilly but there wasn't anything I had to take a pic of I don't think. I'll have to look through my stash again. When we tried to take pictures with the red phone booths they were dirty and had nudey pics so that was a big no!

Do you usually to the touristy thing when you take a vacation? If so, do you space it out or get it all done in one day?


  1. Wow, those flowers though. Lovely pictures. I think I would hit up the tourist spots as well, and I'd probably try to do it all in one day so that we could spend the rest of the time taking it easy and enjoying new things!

  2. I think if you are going to a foreign place you have to at least do some tourist things otherwise what is the point. The red flowers on the tower is amazingly beautiful! I just love the architecture there.

  3. Loveeeee those pictures! And yes, you have to do touristy things sometimes, right?

  4. You captured some amazing photos! They make me miss London so much. :) Isn't it convenient that so many attractions are next to one another?!

  5. i'm all about being a tourist and doing all the cliche things- why not right?!

  6. I totally do the touristy thing and get as much in every day as possible.

    Great photos! You got a lot into one day. I think London might be on our list next year so it's good to know it's possible.

    1. You are right SMD! The images are great and represent the beauty of London. You know it is a dream city for all people around the world. I also visited there with my university scholarship before bus to washington dc only 6 months. During this time period I really enjoy the attraction and education of London. I think it is a best city for all student those who want to improve own Future. What you think about it?


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