Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The London Parts I Loved the Most!

Going to two completely different places, made it really hard not to compare the two against each other. Especially when I had one day that really stood out!

My absolute favorite part of London was Abbey Road and then our trip to Notting Hill. Both of these were done on our last full day (Tuesday) and even with the little bit of rain we got to see a lot on our walks!

This is me walking across the Abbey Road/Beatles, Crosswalk! You know I had to also take a pic of A and all of the other tourists that were experiencing it with us, lol.

I think it would have been soooo cool to go with a group of four or five and get the complete effect with people I knew like those three guys did! I couldn't leave without getting a few more images of the surrounding area.

Then we headed off to a cafe, Ottolenghi that Aaron had found for us to try. I had already stopped and gotten a Peppermint Mocha, heaven! So I didn't try the coffee, but I got to try a piece of cake!!!

The cafe/bakery had one long table just down the stairs if patrons wanted to stay and enjoy their food. Since we can't not eat cake when it's put in front of us, of course we took a seat. There was a family and an elderly lady with them, but apparently not with them. She was very vocal and we were so surprised when they left without her!

I was still trying to get the hang of public restrooms. Most places didn't look big enough to have them and they certainly weren't visible like here in the states. When I asked at Ottolenghi they told me to take take a right at the corner and there'd be one. We almost didn't find it because we really didn't know what we were looking for, but then just as we were at the end of the road we saw it. Much like what a park or beach would have as bathrooms, except you had to use 20 pence to open the door in a sit down toilet. I didn't have that coin and one of the coins I had was too big for the slot!!! Luckily someone, probably an irritated American, had broken off the mechanism and I was still able to go.

Then we turned another corner and happened upon a Portobello Market that A claimed I had asked him about the day before while I was reading the Call Series, but that was Camden market. I still found MOST of my souvenirs at this market, so I'm glad we randomly found it. From what I could tell online they have a lot more going on if you go on the weekend, but we were there on a Tuesday and it was perfect!

The last place we traveled to on our time in West London (I hope that's right, I Google'd it) was Kensington Palace!!! Yes, I have seen the Will and Kate movie and maybe another one, so getting to see where they live and the Princess Diana memorial was sooo unbelievable. We also ended up walking down a road that you weren't allowed to take pictures of and it appeared to be all of the embassies. Pretty cool stuff.

On our very last day we didn't want to be at the airport too early, so after we ate breakfast we found a park to walk through and OMG I couldn't believe I had wanted to find the Book Benches!! I'm so thankful I was able to see them. Truth, they were totally more comfortable than the other benches in the park.

Of course, I will share the other days with you, but I thought I should share my favorite day in London first!


  1. So funny all the people getting pictures on Abbey Road. The book benches are so cool! So glad you had a great time!

  2. The book bench is AWESOME!! Your pictures are beautiful!! So glad you had a great trip!!!

  3. that book bench is the best thing i have ever seen! fabulous! i love portobello markets, my favourite! the public restrooms are hard to get used to i think, but they are very similar to the ones in sydney. i am so spoiled by the US now!

  4. I love that book bench! :) And Camden is one of my favorite markets in London, but Portobello Market is pretty cool too.

  5. So many amazing sites! How cool is that book bench! And ahh so cool to see Kensington Palace!!

  6. I wonder what would happen if that crosswalk ever went away!

  7. I'm loving reading your post on England - I can't wait until I get over there! I'm still baffled by their whole public toilet system. It seems like you're definitely hitting all the best sites and having a great time!


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