Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Surprise! *throws confetti* Hump Day Confessions

Vodka and Soda

Good morning bloggity blog blog friends!

Yeah I know, I just kind of disappeared for like TWO days and while it's not very long when you've been blogging pretty consistently I think you feel those two missed days or is just me?

I thought I'd jump back in with some confessions and when I say "jump in" I mean blog today. I can't promise anything else this week, ha!

I confess I can't remember the last time I did confessions with Kat.

I confess that I've just been too busy doing other things to think about blogging.

I confess I don't think the mojo is gone, maybe this is writer's block? But all I usually do is write about my

I confess I did look at two used Mustangs (Warriors in Pink) limited editions but neither are exactly what I'm looking for so I'm keeping my almost paid off Mazda.

I confess that I missed two days of BC and remembered late on the second day so I took two and continued on as normal. Well, now my body thinks it's time and I'm a little irritated! (read a lot)

I confess that sometimes people laugh and their laugh annoys me. Also chewing, can't stand it. Mouth breathers too.

I confess that I'm on this no carb/low carb diet and yes I've lost some good weight but I feel likeknow I need the carbs. *Edit: You guys amaze me!! I promise I'm still eating carbs and I'll share all about what's working for me tomorrow. I saw my Dr. about this last Tuesday and after I go in for blood work next week, I'll have another appt with him hopefully this month.

I confess thanks to said dietLifestyle change I did not have a cupcake when they brought them to work yesterday. *fist pump* **Edit: I also just said no to a Pizza Party at work.

I confess that I haven't been responding to comments, and I feel terrible but sometimes I'm not sure what to say to some comments so I just don't respond and that leads to the ones I even could respond to. Make sense?

I'm reading two books at the same time, literally...I've read parts of both this morning. It helps that they're both series I've been following for a while and completely different.

I confess that I thought I completely forgot to post about a giveaway I participated in, but I just checked and I'm good.

I confess I still have my 1/2 Birthday giveaway going on and I'm throwing another polish into the mix!! La Moss from Butter London is my new Fall fav. I got it as a freebie in a beauty box subscription, Ipsy I think - that I no longer subscribe to - but I found a few things I like. Now I'm able to spend that $$ on something I actually want instead of accumulating brands I may not have ever heard of. *nods*

I confess that I missed my Tuesday Travel post and to be honest haven't even written it. I have a title now though, so I'll work on it for next Tuesday.

I confess I have two more episodes in Season 6 to finish and then I can finally start watching what I've recorded of this season!!! oh, Sons of Anarchy baby!!

I confess I'm super stoked about a new food truck episode airing in October! Chopped with Food Trucks!! October 2nd on Food Network if you're interested.

I confess that OMFG I canNOT wait for Chicago Fire and Chicago PD to start back up next week.

I confess that even though there are no pictures I just added my sig pic and *gasp* they changed the picture addy thing.

I confess I smashed Boomer's tail in the door last week and I was devastated! Just the tip. Luckily it only bled that night and a small bit the next morning. He's had no problems with it since then.

What are some of your confessions right now?!


  1. i do minimal carbs. i don't think carbs are bad for us; we just need to be careful of the kind of carbs and how much we eat. for example, i'll eat carbs every day but only early on in the day so i burn it all up. i'll eat some carbs in the morning with breakfast (ie. oatmeal or whole wheat toast) and maybe during lunch but no carbs for dinner. this strategy has worked for me - gives me energy during the day :)

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

    1. I've been doing carbs in the morning that last two days, extra fiber English muffins and still eating veggies with carbs in them. I'm glad to hear the no carbs for dinner works as that's what I'm working toward!!!

  2. I used to feel bad to miss on day of blogging and now meh Im a busy girl, I miss some days!! lol

  3. i always forget my BC and hate when my body gets screwed up. no carbs - not good darl, your body needs them, not to mention your brain!! i agree with what kathy said, i dont eat a ton but i eat good carbs and try not to eat them at night. anyway you keep doing you, dont let me tell you what to do ;) but holy awesome, go you for saying no to the cupcake!

  4. Oh yes, I cannot survive without carbs! I try to eat mine earlier in the day too, it seems to work well!

  5. I eat minimal carbs too and the carbs I eat mostly comes from veggies. It works for me and keeps me energized. SOA started with a bang, it will be interesting to see where it goes. Yeah for CPD and CF coming back, can't wait!

  6. I do carbs with a high fibre content except for now, when I cheated and ate white bread :( *sigh*

  7. Chopped with food trucks sounds amazing!!! I'm a sucker for those kind of shows! And La Moss is one of my fall favorites too- the perfect oxblood color!

  8. Missing days of BC happened way too often for me.... I love being pill free.

  9. You said no to a pizza party?! The willpower! I need to get on the Sons of Anarchy bandwagon.


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