Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What's in MY Bag #BagLadyLinkup

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I'm sharing my workday/computer bag that also sometimes carries my purse so you get a little bit of everything!

Here are the two bags and right now my purse is small enough to hitch a ride in the computer/carry on size bag. I bought the larger bag for the Europe flight, but I'm still debating if I'd be better off with a backpack. I'm not a big fan of making decisions like this, obviously.

I'm a bit of a bag snob when it comes to names and quality. I'm definitely a Coach girl, but a lot of my stuff ends up coming from the outlet because I also like a good deal! Since we get to shop at the outlets a lot I find some of my bags there, like the black one. The pink one isn't because as soon as it came into the store I had to have it. I'm still talking myself out of going back for the larger pink hobo since I really don't need it!

I love Coach because their quality has been hard to beat for me. I've never owned a bag of higher quality, so I can't speak about a bag that costs more than a few hundred dollars.

Are you a bag snob? What's your criteria?

Inside Carry On/Computer Bag Contents

  • iPad Mini
  • Laptop
  • Planner
  • Leopard Bag w/Infinity Pens
  • Hair Brush
  • Thirty One Coupon Clutch
  • Post-It Pad
  • Meds
  • Plastic Sack
  • Koozie
  • Camera Battery Charger

Purse Contents

  • Wallet
  • Business cards and Holder
  • Lip Gloss + Softlips
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Keys
  • Receipts
  • Pencil
  • Straw
  • Birth Control
  • Phone

If you're curious about what's in my makeup bag, check out this post. When I used to go to the gym, I did this post, lol. My how things have changed.

What's in YOUR bag(s)?! Don't forget to use #BagLadyLinkup to share what's in your bag on Social Media sites!!


  1. I'm picky about my bags. I get Jo Totes bags because I am a photographer. They are the cheaper camera purses, but for the price they are actually great quality!

  2. I have so much random crap in my bag, yours looks so much more organized!

  3. i am the opposite of a bag snob. haha.
    you dont go to the gym anymore? oh that planner is soooo pretty.
    so i have used huge duffel weekend bags, handbags, crossbody bags and backpacks for international flights. the best by far is a small crossbody back because heavy gets old fast, but you obviously cant carry a lot in them. the backpack was second best and i'll absolutely use it in the future, it was so much better on my back.

  4. I'm definitely a bag snob. I never used to be but with all the moving around I had to make better choices about what I wanted to take with me from place to place.

  5. The contents of your bag looks pretty similar to mine... the only bad thing is that it ends up weighing about 20 lbs, ha!

  6. First things first, HI I love your new design!! It looks amazing. I really love how organized you are. Love it!

  7. Do I spy a camera battery charger?

  8. That's a good way to use an old Ipsy Glam bag! Mine are just lying around, lol.

  9. A girl after my own heart with the kookie!

  10. I am so not a bag snob but I like a big bag. I have so much in them. Love that you carry a koozie.


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