Thursday, August 21, 2014

#tbt First Day(s) of School

After seeing a bajillion and one pics of kids going back to school this week, I started looking through our photo albums and old pictures for the ones my mom used to take of us. I only took time to find and capture a few of them, because we have BOXES of pictures. I am so glad we don't have to print all the pictures we take from 35mm film anymore!

First day of kindergarten aka first day of school ever and I was so excited I put on my clothes the night before and my mom had to make me change again into pajamas so I wouldn't sleep in them.

I still remember having this outfit, but I can't remember who was killed in the last rerun of NCIS. *shakes head*

Then we have the first day back to school of 8th grade. Long socks, check. Bangs, check. Old Navy Tee, check. Also, my little brother was OBSESSED with Scooby Doo when he was little, and most of the pics I found had him in a different SD shirt. We aim to please in this family.

1st day of Sophomore year?!

This looks to be the second day of a school year because all the years we lived in this house (I can tell by the fireplace we're standing in front of) First days were taken with me in a cheer outfit of some sort. Yes, I was a heavier cheerleader and I LOVED it!

I absolutely love looking at pictures of all three of us growing up. Seeing things always sparks some sort of memory and it's great to relive some of them.

Did your parent(s) take pictures of you on the first day of school?


  1. Love it! I remember those small bangs, why did I think they looked good??

  2. What fun pics!! I don't remember first day of school pics... I remember everyone having that old navy shirt though!!

  3. What a cute idea for a post!! My mom took pics of my siblings and I every year...until I got to high school and made her stop.

  4. My pictures are few and far between, but when I was younger I had a lot more pictures taken. Love the flashbacks.

  5. Oh my goodness... look how cute you were!!! :D :D I love it!!! :)
    There are a few pics of me on the first day of school that I can think of. My sister takes pictures of HER kids EVERY day! haha

  6. So cute! I remember always being excited the night before to the point where my siblings and I would put our school clothes on the night before (socks and shoes too) and just sleep in them so we wouldn't be late. Lol.


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