Friday, August 29, 2014

Oh Hey, Friday Favs About Vacation

1. Sleeping In

Definitely my most favorite thing about taking vacation. I mean, even when I'm taking a staycation which I do a lot in Florida, sleeping in is always the FIRST thing to accomplish on my list!

2. Stuffing My Face

This could also be eating whatever I want because everybody expects to gain weight on vacation. I just always hope I can lose some before I go and equal myself out!!

3. Buying All the Things

If I could be gifted money to spend on vacation, this would be even better. But...we all know I've been saving for this trip for MONTHS so I'll be spending my hard earned money at all of the shops in London and Dublin. I'm also bringing back something fabulous to give away so make sure to check back next week!!

4. Making Memories

I have so many memories of going on vacation as a child and I can't wait to look back and remember this trip to Europe with A!

5. Going Places!!

This was really A's...I was stuck on a 5th fav forever and I told him to give me one.

What are some of your favs from this week?!
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  1. Ahh, you make me want to pack up and head out!

  2. Yes to everything about this post. Especially about buying everything, I feel like I need an extra suitcase on the way back.

  3. Amen. Trying new foods is always one of my favorite things to do while on vacation!!

  4. Being able to sleep in is such a luxury! Eating everything is totally ok on vacation!

  5. I love to eat all the things and go shopping a lot when I am on vacation!

  6. haha i love this so much! we had such similar posts on friday, our faves are pretty much the same!

  7. Love all these things too! I travel a lot though and so I really should adjust my eating philosophy a little.


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