Friday, August 8, 2014

Oh Hey, Friday Fav Mostly Articles

It's finally Friday! Does anybody else hate those songs they play on the radio announcing it's 5 o'clock or the weekend?! I HAVE to change the channel when they come on.

While I would like to continue my traditional mish mash of favorites, I came across WAY too many articles this past week not to share them with you. You still get a fav song and funny though!!

1. Fav Song

So I don't think I've shared this one on here and if I have, well it's my blog :) I will say this is getting A LOT of air time play and I'm glad I didn't download it yet.

Fav Articles

2. 20 Reasons Why Your Big Sister Is The Greatest Gift Your Parents Gave You

I am a big sister to a brother and sister...I think the article describes my relationship I have with my sister more than my brother. Although, I totally drove both of them everywhere as soon as I could drive!

3. this is my kind of story! Spiteful hero buys all the pies at Burger King so a screaming brat can't have any.

Now let me tell you this guy is totally my hero. I mean, there are way too many kids that act like this and the parent totally ignoring the annoying kid on the cell phone?! Also, the parent starting to chase the guy, come on! The least of their worries and I hope you find a way to ruin a brats day today!

4. Those Annoying Sounds w/Your Mouth

I feel bad when I get up from a table because of the sounds someone is making or when we're watching TV or reading and someone comes in with food. If I'm eating I don't notice the sounds so much. The mouth breathers, ugh! I HATE being so sensitive to these sounds, but I can't help it!

5. Fav Funnies

My mom found this last night and I just LOVE it! Boomer totally knows when we're upset and bless his heart he just snuggles up next to our feet!

Umm, slippin?! I know I make these stupid spell check mistakes but it just makes it that much more funny!

What are some of your favs from this week?!
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  1. I love that GIF!!! It's totally what I look like when I dance! Have a great weekend!

  2. hahahaha slippin, caught taking a selfie, seriously, i reckon some of these people do it on purpose! omg the noises with the mouth. i cant even. i dont have a big sister (well technically i do, but not really) but hells yes to the burger king hero, stupid brat kid.

  3. hahahah caught taking a sleeping selfie!! hysterical. have a great weekend!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. I don't think I have heard that Tim McGraw song yet. I will have to check it out.

    LOL some people are a bit ridic with their selfies.

    And buying something up so a brat can't get any? Priceless.

  5. Great song! I love when Seamus puts his paw on my leg when I cry, he just knows. That last one is hilarious especially since she took the pic not her BF.

  6. I didn't think "slippin" was a mistake. I thought it was just how some people said it. Like I've known some people who deliberately type "wont" instead of "want". Yes, texts get extremely confusing.

  7. OMG bahaha! Those "slippin'" (aka sleeping) pictures drive me NUTS (I mean, the fact that she busted herself with the mirror is pretty hilarious) but a lot of times you can see the extended arm! What is THE POINT?! haha I recently pinned that dog funny--too cute! haha! I am also totally obsessed with that tim mcgraw song. I'm sensitive to mouth sounds, too--and once I nannied a kid who I REFUSED to sit in the same room with while he ate, I couldn't stand it. COULD. NOT. STAND. IT! Happy Friday, love!!


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