Monday, August 11, 2014

Freakin' Weekend + Giveaway

Ohai there friends! It's Monday and it's also my Monday off so I already feel like I'm winning at this whole Monday thing.

I'm headed to Orlando for some outlet shopping and Lazy Moon pizza with my mom which is aka as the BEST pizza place in Florida. I'll just show you an old pic from my first visit last year.

Friday was spent finishing my ARC of Sublime from Christina Lauren, review to come closer to publication. Just know if was fabulously surreal. Here it is with the button I designed for them!

The first two teaser images they've shared. *swoon*

Saturday S and I decided to have a "writing weekend" For me that meant I was going to schedule all of my posts for the rest of the month and start writing some of them. *check*

I also started outlining September...who am I?! Let's just hope I actually finish all of these posts unlike what happened Thursday which you'll get tomorrow, if I finish still, lol.

Ya'll know we had to eat, so we headed to Zim Zari's where I crossed off another thing on my 30 Before Thirty list when I left a 100% tip! The waitress was fabulous and I was just in such a great mood!

I also tried these new M&M's since I can't pass up the birthday cake flavor. While I love the Birthday cake Oreos, I won't be buying the M&M's again. They were alright, but not worth spending the money. My mom on the other hand LOVED them!

Sunday I had church and then lunch with A and this salad was HUGE! I really thought I could eat it all since I didn't have any food for breakfast, just coffee :)

Then I got my nap on after watching Jack Ryan *swoon* I love me some Chris Pine!!

We also found what we think were baby squirrels. We moved them into a box by the tree we think the rain pushed their nest out of with some warm rags and hopefully their parent(s) will find them. I'll definitely be checking on them before we head out.

I'm partaking in a few giveaways this month and the first one goes live TODAY!! You know you want to win some cold hard cash from some awesome bloggers!

Rachel | Melissa | Laura | Sierra | Ashley | Jules | Heather | Becca | Kelly | Christine | Holly | Kolbi | Morgan | Rachael | Rebekah | Allison | Jenny | Vivian | Kelly

a Rafflecopter giveaway

How was your weekend?!

Ameliorer la Vie


  1. Your weekend sounds absolutely amazing! And those babies! Oh, my gosh I hope their parent(s) find(s) them too!! I absolutely LOVE that it was on your 30 before 30 to leave a 100% tip! The past waitress in me wants to just SQUEEZE you! So sweet!! Have a wonderful day with your mom, love!

  2. I love it when an ARC is good. Good job on the 100% tip, that is awesome. Hopefully the mom comes back for those little babies. :(

  3. Are you kidding me with those baby squirrels?! OMG, I love them. That salad looks like a Green Market Cafe it?

  4. woo excited to co-host the giveway with you! Those squirrels are just adorable - can't you just keep them?!!

  5. go you for leaving a 100% tip! that is awesome. birthday cake m&ms?! and holy yum that pizza looks amazeballs.

  6. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Mmmm pizza!

    Those little babies!!! I hope their parents come and claim them!

    I am not sure I would like birthday cake M & M's...I love the Candy Corn ones!

  7. Oh I hope those babies survive!

    I'm sure you made someone's day with that tip.

    Enjoy your day off!

  8. I got those M&Ms before I agree good but definitely don't need to buy again! I like leaving big tips as well....brightens someone else's day why not? :)

  9. I ate a few of those M&M's during my recent trip to Vegas. I had high hopes for them but they weren't anything special really- kind of a let down!

  10. I was going to get onto you for making me really hungry, but the baby squirrels look like mice and now things are normal again.


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