Thursday, August 14, 2014

Day in the Life

Good Morning Friends!!!

It's Friday Eve *squee* and I couldn't be more excited because then it's the weekend and I have a doozey of a weekend planned.

Today, I'm going to share a Day in the Life on a random Sunday! Sundays for me always start with church, so here's me getting ready. Isn't my robe cute? I've had it since high school!

I have to be there early on the days that I sing, so we can practice and get the sound system set up.

We have round table discussions in the early part of the service to get us engaged and learn from each other. I also make notes of things I need to be doing. I'm such a list girl.

Then it's into the word...and finishing with worship.

Of course it's lunchtime and I'm trying to work my way through Sons of Anarchy for the second time before the new season starts. Sorry for the bad pic...I was a little focused on getting a good shot of Charlie's back!

I did a little on my laptop while I was watching SoA, so it needed a charge. Aren't the little easels cute! Gift from a women's conference.

While my computer charged, I finally got around to working on my DIY lightbox for pictures! This is my hackjob, but it so does the work. I've only used it once but I loved it!

A little more work on my desktop computer while I did some designing.

Then it was time for reading by the pool and trying to get some color into this alabaster skin! I was reading Landline by Rainbow Rowell.

We finished off the night making some of my Grandmother's microwave fudge.

Then while it cooled off in the freezer we went for a walk and I got to try out my new shoes!

That's pretty close to a typical Sunday for me. Sometimes it's more reading and less TV or computer time. How do you usually spend a Sunday?


  1. yay giveaway!
    your robe is super cute! what is a DIY lightbox? what do you use it for?
    i wish i had a pool i could lounge around at, my skin is so pale! but thats ok haha.
    my sundays are normally get up, sit on the couch, eat and then go to bed. haha! love my lazy sundays.

  2. I love my fitbit flex!! And my husband is totally obsessed with SOA

  3. Love this idea - I did a day of the week twice now but only a weekend day once. When we hit the fall I should do a typical Sunday.

    Tell me about your homemade light box. Does that keep shadow off of your photos?

  4. How is Landline?? I didn't know you sang at church! How cool! And girl, you know I love my fitbit - awesome give away!!

  5. If I did a day in the life post on a Sunday you would see me writing a grocery list, grocery shopping at Target and proceeding to spend hours on the couch watching tv.

  6. Your robe is super cute! A little jealous of the poolside reading! I spend my Sundays usually pretty relaxing, creating a recipe, and then computer/blogging time while watching TV.

  7. GAH I wish it was warm enough here for some reading by the pool!! And your new Nikes are so cute!! I definitely need to bite the bullet soon and replace my Brooks. That'll be a pretty penny lol. Definitely entered this amazing giveaway too! The Fitbit Flex would be so perfect for my 15k training and fitness goals! Do you like yours??

  8. Would love to win a FitBit!! We participate in a Keas challenge at work and now I could accurately track my workouts!

  9. I love day in the life posts- jealous of your pool time!!

  10. I think you need to tell us more about this lightbox!


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