Thursday, July 10, 2014

Last 10 iPhone Pictures

I've never done one of these, and instead of sharing 5 different photos and 5 really bad shots of fireworks taken from my iPhone, I decided I would spare you those...pretties and make sure you got a good mix!

I saw this quiz on Facebook and thought I would take it. The friends I've seen take it have been mostly 50% and below...only one other was close to the top and she was shocked! Not me...I definitely come off as a bitch until you get to know me and then I'm awesome. True story.

I was trying to work on a "Day in the Life" post and I keep forgetting to take pics all the live long day (thanks Kathy) so I'll need to set alarms I think. Also, my work day is kinda boring and I'm there 10 hours...maybe I'll do a day off. Have you ever done a DitL post? This was break time, and my current read. Loving it so far! I really wanted to read Love Unrehearsed by Tine Reber instead of doing this post but I'm trying to be better about not burying myself in books!

I was FINALLY picked for a House Party and it's probably due to the fact that you had to live in one of like six cities, but whatever I won a FREE party! Anyway, these are the goodies I got plus a gift card to buy the Desperados Beer!!!

This is the best shot I got from our Fireworks show at the water this past fourth. We had some rain, it was mostly over by the time we showed up for the show and then we had the ponchos for the little bit of rain that happened during the show.

I posted this on Instagram and got lots of comments...I mean, what could possibly make these pants a good idea?

This is a bogus flaw from Facebook with my Desperados party invites.

Another DitL, I spend a little bit of time trying to plan out my week/month and that includes blog posts!

One of my favorite things to do is catch up on reading outside by the pool. I try to do it when it's cloudy so it doesn't get too hot. This was a great read; Down London Road by Samantha Young.

This was the view of the stage and the crowd before the Fireworks show.

I made a craft apron at my second sewing class at Whim-so-doodle. I of course haven't taken a pic of it yet, lol.

Hopefully you didn't miss my post about how I thought I could kill this spider, but then I realized I'm too big of a baby!

What's the last photo you took?

I started a giveaway yesterday, something pretty and book related, but not a book.


  1. I never would have guessed on the Bitchy meter!! I don't see you that way. Love all the book reco's I'll have to check them out! A free house party?! How fun! I need to do a DitL post but i keep forgetting.

  2. omfg the spider. i die.
    i got like 40 something on that bitchy test, which baffled me - i am the biggest bitch i know. i guess i am just a bitch about some things and not others. i'm the same though, i think i am okay when you get to know me ;)
    i like the idea of a day in the life, but like 8 hours would be me sitting at a desk, so... haha. i have been thinking a weekend or day off, maybe. my days arent that exciting.
    that london book looks intriguing... adding it to my neverending list.. lol

  3. Gosh that spider! I freaked out when I saw it on your other posts but since it was at the bottom of this one, I thought I was safe but then there it was! haha. Most of these had me cracking up. :) Thanks for the laugh!

  4. Hahahaha, I took the bitch test too and was a "balanced" one...I laughed so hard. I saw that IG photo of the short nude colored pants..OMG!

  5. I for real thought that girl wasnt wearing pants... WTH just say no to nude shorts/leggings/jeggings.

  6. Reading by the pool (almost) year round is one of the best perks of living in FL!

  7. I kinda love the idea of this post! So clever and uhhh those shorts were a rough choice! Happy to be your newest follower!

    I'm hosting a giveaway too, for a Marlowe Mini, so come enter!


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