Thursday, July 3, 2014

Influenster #SpringVoxBox 2014

I received the following items courtesy of Influenster in exchange for my honest feedback

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara - $5.99

This #RetroGlam mascara really made my eyelashes look thick. I already have long eye lashes, but I'm always looking for a way to boost fullness. The mascara did run a little in the hot Florida heat, and I've only worn it once but I'm looking forward to trying it again when it's not so hot.

Kiss Everlasting French Nails - $6.49

This was a waste of money, so I'm thanking my lucky stars I didn't spend a dime. I only put three of these nails on and I really wish I had been given the shorter nails to try since these were such a bust. I mean, these are the nails I've seen at nail salons but they're not really my thing. What a waste of space in the box this time around.

See the gross thumb nail? I only got three on before I realized I couldn't even take pics with my iPhone easily before I started removing them!

Peach Pie Freshener from the Labor Day Movie - FREE

So free in fact I didn't feel the need to try it out. I'm not sure what I was expecting except a code to the movie or a red box rental code but a hanging air freshener? I'm good, thanks.

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance - $3.99-$4.99

TMI, but I actually haven't needed to use these since they arrived in my box and I think I forgot about them the first time around. The timing is a little fuzzy :) I'm sure they're the same...pretty good but not a miracle worker.

Nivea Skin Firming Hydration Lotion - $2.49 / $10.99

Yeah, not enough for the two week run they claim. I do think it made my skin super soft, so I'll definitely be buying a bottle to try it out for the long haul.

Softlip Cube - $3.49

I've been a Softlips user for years! So I was super excited to see this in my box and it was just as excellent as I was expecting! The tingle I've come to love was present. The softness didn't seem to last as long as the original stick stuff I use, so that was a little disappointing. I leave it by my bed at night because I always get super needy at bed time!

Overall it was a 50/50 box and those are pretty good odds. Thanks for the box Influenster!


  1. I really like Nivea lotions, and the soft lips would be a win for me too. Bummer on the mascara and the nails. Still good odds though for free stuff.

  2. I loved reading your reviews and thanks to your last post I have signed up on Influenster. After looking over the site I think I will love it! Thanks.

  3. Is it weird that I'm most curious about the tampons? (Yep. It's weird.)


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