Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Guest Posting + Google Hangouts + Giveaways

Guest posting - to do it or not to do it is the question.

I've done it in the past for others, here, here and had them post for me as part of a little fun during the A-Z challenge, but I've never really taken a vaca where I wouldn't be able to post. Yes, Europe I'm looking at you and the fact that I won't be taking my laptop which I also haven't done ever since I was in college.

When I post for others I haven't really noticed it's been awesome. Their regular readers seem to take the day off and I don't have many comments to reply to. When I did a guest post on here, it was a pretty good turnout and that could be because the girls I round robin'd with all kind of have the same readers?

At my last Google Hangout with The Rachael Way and her other sponsors, which by the way is a super cool thing to do and ya'll better hope she decides to do it again when/if she comes back from China because I always learn a little somethin' somethin'. So, if anybody ever wants to do one I'd totally be up for it in the evening some time soon'ish.

Anyway, we talked about Guest Posts during our last one and I think I'm going to go ahead and do it again.

I debated whether I should just have a silent week on the blog and then decided I'd ask some of the girls that regularly comment/read that have also done some traveling to Europe like I shall be doing. If I missed you, I'm sorry I'm kind of flying by the seat of my pants.

I do have a spot or two open if anybody readinglurking is also interested. This is what I'm telling them - My topic suggestions would be European travel/living, football since I'm headed there for the UCF vs. Penn State game or Summer in general (since you know, Florida girl here). - I think those are pretty wide open and obviously you wouldn't have to traveled to Europe to plan a trip, I mean hello Pinterest! Email me if interested and I'll give you more deets hello@mylittlehea.com!

This is also the first post I've done without a picture or graphic - let's find a random one, shall we.

So...this could be me drawing a winner!!

I'm also going to be doing a giveaway when I get back of something I bought over there or several somethings I buy over there and I'd love suggestions. I recently won a bag from Christina Lauren and other goodies from France but what would you like me to bring back and giveaway?!


  1. I learned some new things at that Google Hangout, too...Like when Becca was talking about having a separate window pop up for links in your blogs...I wasn't doing that before!!

  2. I tried the Google Hangout once and it was rough. Not sure if it was a connection issue. I am on vacation next week and I didn't plan a thing so I might be silent. Oops.

  3. I find that I almost always read guest posts on other people's blogs if they're by bloggers I read regularly & send me to their guest post on another blog-- I'm not sure if that makes sense, but hopefully you get what I mean! I like the idea of having people post a similar topic to what you'll be doing while you're away!

  4. I feel pretty savvy in blog world, but I don't get Google Hangouts, teachhhh me :) I'll guest blog a day for you if you want! Even if you don't get comments, you still get traffic, hopefully

  5. Girl, I loveeee you! I have had so much fun with you sponsoring me. The google hangout was great, we are for sure bringing that back next year!! xoxo

  6. I struggle with the guest post conundrum too- plus I never know what to write when doing it myself! Others do it well… have an amazing trip!


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