Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Freakin' Weekend - A Concert I Almost Forgot About

Happy Tuesday!!!

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Second...how was your weekend?! I had another 3-day'er and it was just as awesome as ever!!

I spent most of the weekend re-reading through the Real series by Katy Evans, one of my absolute favorite books/series ever!! Like, right up there with Twilight though nothing has yet to knock it off for me as my TOP. In fact, I was so focused on re-reading that I almost forgot I went to the Tim McGraw concert and could share about that, lol. I figured nobody would want to read all about my reading weekend, but I will share my thoughts on all of those books in a post tomorrow because I never have and you NEED to know about them!!

So...Friday night I finally got around to watching World War Z. I'm a BIG scaredy cat, but it was one I really wanted to see dang it. I made it through the whole thing only covering my eyes a few times *fist pump* and have only had one relapse while trying to sleep.

Saturday I met up with a friend for lunch and then spent the afternoon at Starbucks working on some design stuff for my first paying client in YEARS!!! They came back, so that's always a good feeling and I'm planning for the week of July 23rd to have the design site up and running. *whew*

Then came the TIM MCGRAW concert woohoo! I've loved Tim for years and he's the only country artist I've been a fan of since the 90's that's still around and OMG going strong! He gave one of the best performances of a single concert I've ever been to. I mean, I'm pretty sure he was on stage for about TWO hours!

Before that though, you have to know it wasn't easy getting there. We missed the only entrance open because we went to the entrance we normally go to and it was closed. Upon going back to the entrance we passed we were now coming with the people that got off the highway and it was backlogged!

Then, on our way in it started raining and luckily we were close enough to a covered entrance at the fairgrounds to wait out the 15-20 minute rain! I have promised myself I won't ever go to an amusement park or ball game without a hat and since the Ampitheater is covered in the section we sit in I thought I was "covered" so not sure if I'll be wearing a hat next time or not. I mean, I'm a hat girl and I think I look good in hats but I like doing my hair sometimes!

Sunday was more reading, designing and a little shopping. I even bought some shoes that were blue, pink and green! I think the last time I bought tennis shoes that weren't black, pink, grey or white was 2007? But, I think they're a little too small once I put on real socks so I have to go to a different store to see if they have a bigger size.

Monday I slept in *sigh* one of my fav things about a day off! I'm planning a Desperados House Party for this Saturday, so I had a few things to pick up for that and the rest I just ordered on Amazon this morning. I'm a little obsessed with Amazon Prime; 2-day shipping is da bomb!


  1. Movies, design work, and a concert. What a fun weekend!! Good thing the rain didn't stay around long. Look forward to see what you've been reading!

  2. Timmy always has been and always will be one of my favorites!


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