Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Freakin' Book Bash Weekend 2014

When you've been prepping for something for over a year, and it finally happens it kind of goes by so quick and then it's just over. Or is that just me?!

I've read so many books since last years Book Bash that I took over 30 books to get signed and I GOT THEM ALL SIGNED! I feel like that's a HUGE accomplishment, right?! I'll be having book giveaways over the next few months of things I got and this post is mainly going to be photos, unedited photos because I'm throwing this together so I can get back to watching SOA!

Friday, torrential downpour slowed down and changed my plans for the pre-registration party / after events. I had HUGE plans to go karaoke with Jamie McGuire, her book Beautiful Oblivion comes out TODAY!! Did you order it yet?!

Anyway, since I was a little irritated and didn't have any close friends Friday night I decided to call it an early night, and spent the night reading before crashing into the hotel bed.

Not without first grabbing some pictures with some of my fav authors!!

Saturday morning I had plans to be one of the first in line to get the advanced copy of Beautiful Oblivion that comes out today, and then I realized a. I didn't want to sit in the sun and b. I wanted to sleep in! So I quickly pre-ordered it on Amazon 2-day shipping and it'll be here today!

After a generous breakfast from my first hotel stay (next year I'll be staying at the same hotel as the conference BOTH nights instead of just the one) that was delicious and a little more reading; this is how I spent my morning in line...in a chair! I got in line about 8:30 I think and then the girls joined me about 11:00. They brought drinks, and I got a good chunk of Tina Reber's Unscripted Love read. It's one thick book so it was a happy surprise I also had it in my Kindle app, lol. Great book! Ordered the second part after I finished it so I can continue their story!!

After "standing" in line we got in the doors and it was a mad dash to get tickets for the "big name authors" that had horrendous lines last year. I think the ticket thing worked much better and I'll be anxious to see what they do next year!

Some of the authors that I didn't see at the Pre-reg party, I had to get pics with during the signing!

Then I also snagged a pic with Tina Reber and she is all about the selfies! I shared one of these on Instagram and stupid auto-correct used selfless grrr!

They had a couple of really cool things for the guys this year and I think this guy takes man friend of the year! I need to add this to my personal ad right?!

Sadly, the signing had to come to a close :( After quickly recouping in the room I had a "blogger" thing to attend where I received a generous bag of EIGHT books to read and review! A couple that don't even come out until the Fall *fist pump* score!

Then there was dinner, the after party where I got another pic with a fav author and friend, before we made our way to City Walk!

I did make some goodie bags for the authors I got to see since I absolutely love them and wanted to show them a little appreciation!

I absolutely CANNOT wait until Book Bash 2015! If you're a reader, you should make your Summer vaca plans around the end of June for Orlando / Tampa and we can meet up with some awesome authors!!!


  1. OMG so jealous you got to meet so many authors and the blogger meeting with all the free goodies! What a great perk. That would be such a fun event to attend.

  2. This looks so so fun, Heather! I want to goooo

  3. This looks like such a fun event! I love all the little things for the guys- that shirt is hilarious- and so true I'm sure!

  4. this looks like so much fun! i love that guys shirt, lol

  5. I might just have to join you next year!

  6. How awesome that you got to meet so many of your favorites!

  7. I may seriously consider doing this next year!


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