Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Confessions, Lately

Vodka and Soda

I think I have vacation-itis. I mean, I leave in 23 DAYS!!!

I've been on a re-reading kick and I really don't have time to since I have dozens of books I haven't read yet just waiting on me to read them! - My latest re-read is Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren and I forgot how cute Hanna and Will were.

We're building a website from scratch so it is the simplest it can be and I'm so tempted to just invest in something like Genesis Framework but my dad keeps convincing me what we're doing is best for what I want.

Even though I've found cheaper coffee at DD in their iced mocha coffee with cream and sugar, I won't be able to give up my Starbucks...ever I don't think.

I've bitten off too much for my unorganized / lazy life. I think I've mentioned this before but I just felt like I really needed to get it off my chest.

I purchased a rain jacket for my Europe trip, but it's black and I'm thinking about wearing my brown Doc boots so that just doesn't work. Plus I was supposed to lose weight for it to fit better and that obviously didn't happen since I've been letting myself go.

I'm so nervous about standing out as a tourist in Europe and then I Google "tourists in Europe" for a funny meme and come across articles like this. What the actual...this isn't what I need to be reading about!

I'm afraid I'm going to end up living in the semi-ghetto since housing costs for a singleton in the TPA area are astronomical for my standards. I mean, I don't want a roommate and I'd still like to be able to show people my place and feel safe. Is that too much to ask?!

When I have Mondays off I'm always surprised that Wednesday gets here so fast. No complaints it's just always sneaking up on me.

Someone at work hovers over the toilet and splashes URINE. At work...not a public restroom and they can't sit on the toilet seat?! This baffles me! Our office only has 30 people in it and half of those are men, not using the ladies room.

It makes me wonder how long she's been doing it.

The code bloggers have that has something pop up in the middle of your screen and you have to x out of because a. you've already done what you're being prompted to do or b. you aren't going to do it is very annoying. Almost more annoying than No-Reply Comment Bloggers and Captcha!

I think I'm one of the last few adults that still has an iPhone 4S and...wait for it - is not running the updated OS, but I need it to last until Sept/Oct so I can get the next phone or maybe even later so I can save my monies!! Anybody else still holding onto an older phone that's been updated a couple times?

I tried to wave curl my hair the other I need a day with nothing to do so I can practice or someone to come over and teach me!

I'm kind of sad I missed blogging every day in July, so I'll have to keep my eyes open for another challenge like that.

Boomer stole half my chicken quesarito the other day with my mom SITTING RIGHT THERE and he was banished outside for about an hour. We're horrible family members.

Anything you need to get off your chest?!


  1. omg that thing that pops up on a blog? i just x right out of the entire thing!

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  2. I hate it when those pop-ups happen! Ughh! On the upside only 23 days left!! Yay for you!

  3. vacation-itis! yes! i get in vacation mode well before i leave on vacation, lol.
    the second time i went to London (boxing day) all the public transport people were on strike so we couldn't get anywhere. not fun. you'll be fine! brown and black go, just use a brown bag or belt as well and it ties all in!
    ohmylord the pop ups on blogs - annoy me to no end. i dont even read them. they make me so angry!

  4. My husband still has the 4s and I have a bad feeling it updated without him knowing it because he was complaining about changes to his email the other day. Oh boy. You'll totally be fine in Europe. No worries at all. Promise. :) (Take me with you? I'll make sure?) That last picture of the pup is epic... and I totally laughed at Boomer stealing your food. Hey, it happens. AND THE WOMAN AT WORK? HOW? WHY? Can't handle. No. Just no.

  5. I seriously can't curl my hair. It stays curly for like 20 mins then goes stick straight. Drives me crazy! And trust me, everyone walking around in Europe is a tourist! They won't even notice you :) And don't even get me started on captcha LOL!

    <3, Pamela

  6. There are FOUR people in this office and I am the only chick please tell me how there is ALWAYS piss all over the toilet seat EW!

  7. omg i am the same wiht starbucks! no way i buy DD even if it is cheaper. its just not starbucks

  8. I hate those ads that pop up on blogs! So freaking annoying, I just completely x out of the blog! No time for that crap!

    I want to go on vacation!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cant stand when people splash all over the toilet. Like why?!?!?! Let's all be adults!

    I get iced coffees from DD and if I want something fancier, I go to Starbucks and pay more.

  9. Pop-ups are so annoying especially on the iphone since I can never find the X!! I am going to Maine starting Saturday so I am so over this week, I feel ya! Dunks 4 life!! ;)

  10. Splashes URINE?!?! GTFO!!! EEWW. And those pop-ups are beyond annoying. And Starbucks always wins even if it's more expensive lol.

  11. Piss on a toilet seat pisses me OFF, no matter where it is. If you hover, fine. CLEAN IT UP YOU FILTHY ANIMAL!

  12. So I have like 8 books I need to read...instead I am re-reading too. Oh well haha

  13. I have watched that last gif longer than I care to admit! Absolutely hilarious!

  14. Omg I hate when people spash on the toilet seat... G_R-o_S_S!!!!

  15. wow at the toilet seat incident. have you narrowed down what crazy lady is doing that. LOL

  16. Have you been looking on craigslist for an apartment? I found mine there when I moved to Tampa and it was reasonable for the area. Sometimes landlords don't know the market and you get lucky!


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