Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Freakin' Weekend at the Florida Country Superfest

I confess that I had this done Monday night but wanted to add some pics off my friends phone so I delayed and then I delayed again!

First up - make sure you've seen this post where I'm giving away COLD HARD CASH to one lucky winner this month and YOU can get in on the action for NEXT month!

You guys, one of the events I've been looking forward to since late last year FINALLY happened this past weekend!

Even with the crazy weather and an opening act on Saturday that I didn't want to see, I had the BEST time! I do have to say the weather really played into our favor on Saturday, we didn't have to pay for parking, I was able to get my nice camera that I found out later I really wasn't supposed to have lol and even though it was rainy, it helped cool things down so it wasn't hot as Hades like it was Sunday!

We didn't get to see Big & Rich, which I didn't really care about and with the weather they would have had to keep us even later Saturday night since they delayed the show about 1.5 hours. Sunday it started just a little before 5 0'clock and I loved EVERY SINGLE act on Sunday, in fact with the exception of Colt Ford (who I had never heard of before this event) I was absolutely in love with all of them! No pics from Sunday, but enjoy the ones I caught on Saturday!!

In July I have tickets to see Tim McGraw again and OMG I'm so excited. He's been a favorite of mine since like 1997 when him and Faith did It's Your Love.

The other thing I managed to do this weekend was finish Rule by Jay Crownover, another Book Bash author that I had not read and get my DIY Screen Print stuff ALMOST done. I think I'll finally get to print my first thing tonight so wish me luck!! This didn't happen...I'm getting ready to go for my THIRD try tonight with the "burning" or the image and hopefully third time is the charm because it's gotten better each time and I think I've figured out how to fix it for good!

So definitely wish me luck! I'm also going to be watching So You Think You Can Dance since it's my only Summer show! What's your Summer show?

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Such great pictures you got! I'm glad you had a blast!!

  2. Glad you have fun!! Great pics!! Looking forward to see how the screen printing comes out!!

  3. UMM those pictures are awesome! Why don't they just let you bring nice cameras in?! ugh

  4. Girl, I"m loving that beach hat on you!


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