Friday, June 27, 2014

Five on Friday - I'm A Slacker

Hi Friends!!!!

If you've been wondering where I've been - I've been preparing for Book Bash this weekend and after a few more hours at work I'll be headed to Orlando and I CANNOT WAIT!!!

I've also developed an obsession with Sons of Anarchy and spending whatever time I can binge watching that on Netflix, lol.

I mean, how can I NOT want to watch with Charlie Hunnan?!

After Book Bash I won't feel rushed to read and can hopefully get back in my blogging groove.

You should check out my Friday Five over on Steph's blog where I'm talking about my favorite Florida things!!!

Watch Instagram this weekend for all kinds of awesome Book Bash pics and you know...authors!!

Time for a Giveaway with Steph and friends!!

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  1. So excited to see your Book Bash pics! Hope you have an amazing time and get to meet some really great authors.

  2. SOA IS THE BEST! It is too bad that season 7 will be the final though.

  3. wtf. blogger ate my comment again!!!!!!

    what i said was, i fully support SoA because jax teller is one hot piece of ass!


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