Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Get Waxed #30Before30

Hi Friends!

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Remember when I used to schedule my posts for early in the morning?! *sigh* Those were the days!

Last week, on a whim I crossed another thing off my 30 Before Thirty list and it's something I've been wanting to do for years.

I got waxed!

Yes, down there and yes it hurt, a little.

In my opinion it was TOTALLY worth it. I've been having my eyebrows done for over 10 years, so ripping out my hair for beauty isn't new to me but I have been hesitant to get waxed in my private region for many reasons.

What will the tech think? What if I smell? Is my hair long enough? Is it too long? Will it be awkward? Will I have to keep going back? How long will it hurt?

All of these thoughts have been swimming around in my head for years as I contemplated whether to do it or not. Eventually, my curiosity and laziness got the best of me.

The top 3 reasons I wanted to get waxed.

1. I hate shaving.
2. I live in Florida near the beach and my Summer lasts longer than a vacation so I'm shaving every weekend if I want to be nice and neat down there, right?!
3. I've thought about getting laser hair removal and wanted to try something less...permanent first.

Since I did it on a whim, I purchased the Living Social Deal the same day I scheduled my appointment for and wasn't really dressed properly. I was wearing jeans, and the most uncomfortable part was after I had walked around in jeans all day after having it done. So, I will be wearing a dress next time I go for a wax.

As soon as I made my appointment, I asked for tips in one of my Facebook Groups and they had the following things to say.

Tips Before, During and After Your Wax

1. Exfoliate! Both before and after to help with ingrown hairs.
2. Moisturize for the first 48 hours or until you feel "normal" down there.
3. Keep Calm and relax! This one was probably the most important and I got major kudos from the tech for how well I did!
4. The longer the hair is the more it's going to hurt! You don't want it super super short but you don't want it too long either.
5. Take a pain killer before you go.

I did all of the above and obviously lived to tell the tale, literally. I will say I consider myself to have a high tolerance for pain, and it wasn't all unicorns and rainbows. I just can't wait to wear a bathing suit this weekend!

Have you ever gotten anything waxed?


  1. OMG I've been thinking about getting a Brazillian. Super scared that it will hurt and I will be judged haha Is it super awkward?!?!

  2. Haha! Yes I have gotten a Brazillian and it hurts like a mother when it's happening but I didn't have much pain 30 minutes after the appointment. Totally worth having it done!

  3. I've gotten Brazilian waxes a few times... NOT fun! But definitely worth it!

  4. i've never gotten a wax down there; i'm going to confess something: i don't really have much hair to warrant a wax. don't get me wrong, i groom but i don't have any hair along the sides that might poke out of a bikini. but i've heard women getting waxed and they said it hurt like hell. some waxers even go around the cornhole to get that shizz off! omg! is that true??

    Vodka and Soda

  5. woo hoo you go girl! i have gotten one once, and i'm ok not doing it again, haha!

  6. I love this review I have always wanted to get waxed but am scurred, lol. Where did you go?!

  7. Im too scared to be naked in front of others like I freak out at the Gyno... I really want to do it though..

  8. I have been doing it for years and it is the best spent money haha. It gets easier if you keep up with it because there is less hair and the hair tends to be shorter. I get gross bumps if I shave, so I avoid that with waxing. TMI maybe haha but if it's super bad, pop an ibuprofen

  9. I am all for waxing! And girl I don't blame you for doing it, especially living in FL. Now you're silky smooth and ready to go!

  10. It's on my list to go, but I am pain intolerant. Like, I still tear up uncontrollably if I get my eyebrows done. I'm scared!

  11. Oh! You are so brave!! There is no way in heck that I would ever do that! Have you tried that NoNo razor yet. I want it, but it's super expensive!!


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