Monday, May 12, 2014

Freakin' Weekend with Reading + Shopping!!

Oh Lordy, I was a reading fool this week so I'm not looking forward to the review posts...I really just don't think I'm that good of a reviewer but I'm trying my best peeps!

I started getting prepped and ready for Book Bash *throws up hands* I have so much to do I really just need one day of planning for all of the things I have to do in the next TWO months that are slowly creeping by. On to the weekend in pics!

1. Went outlet shopping with Mom Saturday for Mother's Day and I bought a dress. No, it's not the one pictured because I found a cheaper one in black I can wear everyday *sticks out tongue*
2. My parents picked tomatoes at a local farm for $2 a bucket. If you're in the Sarasota / Tampa area, check out Hunsader Farms! We've been to their Pumpkin Festival and it very much reminds me of Fall Festivals back home!
3. I finally got to read Happenstance on Sunday and made some graphics to use when I do my book review this week. *swoon*
4. I also finally got to read Rush too Far and OMG it was just as amazing as I remember Blaire's POV being. I definitely have a Rush Crush!

If someone wants to honestly read and review Happenstance (it's only 100 pages), I'll give one away if you leave a comment and include "Happy dance for Happenstance" in your comment below using and announce when I do my review Thursday!

Winner of the Beautiful Bastard Series will be announced tomorrow (as long as they're confirmed) when I give you my swoony Ansel aka Sweet Filthy Boy review!

Hope you had a fab weekend! Tell me all about it. I can get out the lounger if you want :)


  1. but that dress is gorgeous! i want to see the black one, lol.
    both of those books sound fab!

  2. Oooh! I can't wait for the book review. :D I'm a sucker for a good book review. Hah.

  3. I love that dress. Show us the black one!

  4. You look great in that dress! Agree, we need to see the black one for comparison sake! ;) Umm hello Happy dance for Happenstance! I would totally read it and I love the graphic you made! Can't wait for your review!

  5. Ohh you need to go back and get that teal dress!

  6. I had neer heard of that farm! Thanks so much for the heads up!

  7. That teal dress looks so adorable on you!! Go back and buy it!! :D

  8. I love that dress but obvs the black one is better, even if I don't know what it looks like, because black dresses rule all!


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