Monday, May 19, 2014

Freakin' Weekend in Jax

First of all, don't forget you still have a chance to win $35 from Rachael and some of her sponsors this month!

Also, it's Monday and I'm having a great time because I'm not at work and getting some reading done that I've been wanting to do. But...that means my to-do list I haven't even made yet isn't getting done! #badgirl

Let's get down to the weekend, shall we?

1. We had brunch on our way back home on Sunday in Gainesville and after the first stop had an HOUR wait, we headed downtown to another suggested place I had found on the internet. The prices were pretty good for Brunch, and they even had the mimosa special which is the real reason I go brunching anyway. I will say I told the compadres I had to drink at least three to make up for the price and then when the waitress brought the fourth there was hardly any alcohol. I even has S try it to make sure I wasn't just too affected.
2. When we drove through Gainesville Saturday on our way, A drove through the University of Florida campus since I had never been there. It was cool to see all of the old buildings and how much that two is a college town like what I'm used to from back home in Kansas.
3. OMFG I finally found a copy of Beautiful Disaster in hard cover!! Jamie put out this list of how to become her ultimate fan and get special bennies...well, this hard cover was released in 2012 with only 5,000 limited edition copies, so it's the hardest to find and one of the things you must have. I even tried ordering it from Canada where they still had it listed on back order, lol. Needless to say I was FREAKING OUT in the store so S snapped this pic of me!
4. We at lunch on Saturday at The Swamp after Kate suggested it and A said it was probably a really good first place to try.
5. I had the gator tacos and a Swamprita. It was delicious, but I could have used a little more salad with my dressing, lol.
6. Sunday I came home and immediately started reading one of the other books I picked up at Books-a-Million, Twisted Perfection by Abbi Glines and it was so good. I can't put down the second book Simple Perfection.

We are now ONE month from Book Bash and I've been a reading fool, yet I don't even think I've seen the worst of it yet. I'm really struggling with getting a system down of reading things before I go, but I'm hoping to work on that today. I really want to be prepared for this year.

How was your weekend?


  1. That food looks yummy! looks like you had an awesome weekend. I've been wanting to read Beautiful Disaster for forever it seems like. I really need to do that.

  2. Glad you had some good stops in Gainesville!!

  3. Sounds delish :)) I swear if I could I would travel just to try new foods

  4. Ahhhh I'm so jealous you were in Gainesville!!! I love it so much there!!!

  5. Ooo the food looks yummy and I'm SO jealous of your book-filled weekend! I really need to step up my reading game!

  6. Best quote ever: "my to-do list I haven't even made yet isn't getting done!" Mimosas are the best part about brunch! Looks like an amazing weekend!!

  7. Brunch is my absolute FAVORITE meal! And mimosas are so yum. I get so excited when I find a book I've been looking forward to reading on the shelf. I go to the library on my lunch break sometimes. Oh. Nerd. Please tell me more about this book bash!

  8. looks like you had a blast! brunch is the best :)

  9. Oooh, so we should totally make a bloggy date for somewhere w/ a mimosa bar then! Flamestone has a $10 bar on Sundays (I have been for dinner a few times, but never brunch!). Your weekend looks awesome!

  10. I have such good memories of The Swamp! So excited that you found your hardcover!!


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