Friday, May 30, 2014

Five Favs on Friday

1. Fav Song

This song is seriously one I just drop everything I'm doing and can't help but dance to! It's also the perfect beachy song in my

2. Fav Food

I used to be a Starbucks only girl and had never really given Dunkin Donuts a try until this past month. What made me try it, I have no freaking idea but I did and I have found it's yummy and half the price! Just order the iced coffee mocha with cream and sugar and you're in caffeine heaven!

3. Fav Discovery

Lightning to USB camera adapter for my iPad Mini!

4. Fav Read

Gah! I read so freaking much this past week that this was a hard one. Probably Collide or if I had to choose a series, it would be Sylvia Day's Crossfire Series. I'm a little bummed that there's more and it's not out yet. Supposedly we were supposed to have a release date for the 4th book, but that hasn't happened in the past YEAR!

5. Fav Funnies

I grabbed this from a fellow Confessional post because it was perfect for me. I don't make friends often, but when I do they come in pairs.

What are some of your favs from this week?!
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Confessions as of Late

Joining up with Kathy once again to get some things out there...

Vodka and Soda

- I'm sure you've already read about my waxing experience a couple weeks ago. I will be going back so it wasn't that bad!

- Chanpreet won my Book Bash tickets and she's super sweet. I'm really looking forward to meeting her at Book Bash!

- I've been a reading fool and instead of stopping to actually get stuff done, I think I'll just keep on reading until this weekend. I mean it's actually one of the things on my list of "crap to do."

- The other thing is finally ordering my screen printer so I can make awesome bags, shirts and other stuff.

- Speaking of book'ish stuff. I'm excited/anxious about the Blogger Book Swap much like I am with all swaps!

- I really want to go line dancing, but it's the process of actually getting there and getting ready that has stopped me the last few weekends.

- I absolutely LOVE Taco Bell and Pepsi Co. for FINALLY releasing Baja Blast in a can! I don't drink much soda but this stuff is like crack for me!

- Also, I absolutely love my Koozie from Whit from this last time around and the shirt is so absolutely comfortable. Glad I finally took the plunge and ordered one. How could I not when it was black and gold?!

- You know what comes on tonight?! Gah! This is like the best night in Summer television except finale night!

- I don't get the love or obsession with Zac Brown Band. Sure, I enjoy their songs but they aren't something I'd pay money for.

- I'm finally breaking my no Angelina ban...thank you Disney.

- I almost broke my no spending more than $5 on a digi book after finishing Collide to read the second book Pulse. Except the author won't be at Book Bash so I'm holding off.

- I participated in Kelli's Picture Practice this weekend. Not really even just happened to be what I was doing and taking pics of. :) Original shot is on top, then I dropped it into Photoshop, made it black and white and played with the exposure.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Freakin' Memorial Day Weekend

Good Mornin' Friends!!

Yeah, It's Monday and I'm using exclamation points but I had a pretty great weekend!

While I spent a LOT of my weekend reading, finishing two books and getting a start on a third I managed to get out and enjoy life as well.

1. Friday night UCF baseball was still playing just 20 minutes from my house, so I went with A to the game. We played a much better team than the night before and due to the high probability of loss they showed up with game wasn't nearly as fun for us.
2. I think the coolest part about the mail was how she addressed my envelope with my name all pretty on the back!!
3. I got some fun mail late last week, including my Eva Marie Prints to help out some blogger friends!
4. I actually got up and made it over to the Color Me Rad race with S. This was my before shot, I think I looked pretty good!
5. This was the after and while I didn't get a lot of the colors I wanted (pink or teal) I was glad when we got to the picture part that I wasn't a colorful mess. You can still clearly make out all the colors and I'm not one big blob of brown because that's not attractive.
6. I've been meaning to take my car to the cleaners, but instead my dad had out the cleaner stuff for my mom's car so I decided I'd do my tires myself. They weren't perfect, but it was HARD work!
7. Memorial Day was a party with friends, so I brought along some yummy, festive treats including this read, white and blue bruschetta which was a hit.
8. Despite being a sloppy mess when I got there, this cake was a hit. I stuck it in the freezer when I got there and the whip cream ended up hardening but I was a little pissed when I got there and opened up the container to find this.
9. This sweet and salty trail mix was super yummy too!

So there you have it.

What did you get up to this three day weekend?!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Five Favs on Friday

Eeep! Bring on the THREE DAY WEEKEND muchachas!

Here's to hoping they let us out early on this glorious Friday and people leave me alone at work so I can get stuff done! Now, on to my favs for the should join in!

1. Fav Song

My girl Miranda keeps on killing it with the songs she's been releasing and I'm still loving her old school'ish song Automatic.

2. Fav Shirt

Ummm, hello! Of course cupcakes make everything better...just like you should always Eat Cake for Breakfast.

3. Fav Discovery

Since I got a camera for my Birthday that I have yet to really use...I really need to get on that and learn how to use it before - soon! Anyway, I've been looking at camera bags and straps. I was walking through Target and saw thishanging out with all of the ugly bags. I think it might be exactly what I need.

I also found out that Helena Hunting will be at Book Bash this year and with all of the drop outs I think she's a great addition!

4. Fav Read

OMG so I have been patiently waiting to get my hands on this book for MONTHS! It was only available in digital for $7.99 and you know I don't pay more than $5 per book. I had to up it since Fault in Our Stars went on sale and I couldn't pass that up. Anyway, full synopsis and review to come next week as soon as I finish it! P.S. If you're one of my reader friends, you need to be signing up for this Blogger Book Swap!

5. Fav Funnies

I thought I would share a few with you today since it's a THREE day weekend, holla!

I really do find myself laughing out loud quite often, even though it's cliche to type I use it especially when I literally LOL.

Am I the only one that gets all spy mode when I go through the ATM line?

I'm always like...what's the least suspicious way to get out of this freaking store?!

What are some of your favs from this week?!
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Get Waxed #30Before30

Hi Friends!

I'm giving away a Veet® Infini’Silk™ PRO RRP $299.00 right now!

Remember when I used to schedule my posts for early in the morning?! *sigh* Those were the days!

Last week, on a whim I crossed another thing off my 30 Before Thirty list and it's something I've been wanting to do for years.

I got waxed!

Yes, down there and yes it hurt, a little.

In my opinion it was TOTALLY worth it. I've been having my eyebrows done for over 10 years, so ripping out my hair for beauty isn't new to me but I have been hesitant to get waxed in my private region for many reasons.

What will the tech think? What if I smell? Is my hair long enough? Is it too long? Will it be awkward? Will I have to keep going back? How long will it hurt?

All of these thoughts have been swimming around in my head for years as I contemplated whether to do it or not. Eventually, my curiosity and laziness got the best of me.

The top 3 reasons I wanted to get waxed.

1. I hate shaving.
2. I live in Florida near the beach and my Summer lasts longer than a vacation so I'm shaving every weekend if I want to be nice and neat down there, right?!
3. I've thought about getting laser hair removal and wanted to try something less...permanent first.

Since I did it on a whim, I purchased the Living Social Deal the same day I scheduled my appointment for and wasn't really dressed properly. I was wearing jeans, and the most uncomfortable part was after I had walked around in jeans all day after having it done. So, I will be wearing a dress next time I go for a wax.

As soon as I made my appointment, I asked for tips in one of my Facebook Groups and they had the following things to say.

Tips Before, During and After Your Wax

1. Exfoliate! Both before and after to help with ingrown hairs.
2. Moisturize for the first 48 hours or until you feel "normal" down there.
3. Keep Calm and relax! This one was probably the most important and I got major kudos from the tech for how well I did!
4. The longer the hair is the more it's going to hurt! You don't want it super super short but you don't want it too long either.
5. Take a pain killer before you go.

I did all of the above and obviously lived to tell the tale, literally. I will say I consider myself to have a high tolerance for pain, and it wasn't all unicorns and rainbows. I just can't wait to wear a bathing suit this weekend!

Have you ever gotten anything waxed?

Monday, May 19, 2014

Freakin' Weekend in Jax

First of all, don't forget you still have a chance to win $35 from Rachael and some of her sponsors this month!

Also, it's Monday and I'm having a great time because I'm not at work and getting some reading done that I've been wanting to do. But...that means my to-do list I haven't even made yet isn't getting done! #badgirl

Let's get down to the weekend, shall we?

1. We had brunch on our way back home on Sunday in Gainesville and after the first stop had an HOUR wait, we headed downtown to another suggested place I had found on the internet. The prices were pretty good for Brunch, and they even had the mimosa special which is the real reason I go brunching anyway. I will say I told the compadres I had to drink at least three to make up for the price and then when the waitress brought the fourth there was hardly any alcohol. I even has S try it to make sure I wasn't just too affected.
2. When we drove through Gainesville Saturday on our way, A drove through the University of Florida campus since I had never been there. It was cool to see all of the old buildings and how much that two is a college town like what I'm used to from back home in Kansas.
3. OMFG I finally found a copy of Beautiful Disaster in hard cover!! Jamie put out this list of how to become her ultimate fan and get special bennies...well, this hard cover was released in 2012 with only 5,000 limited edition copies, so it's the hardest to find and one of the things you must have. I even tried ordering it from Canada where they still had it listed on back order, lol. Needless to say I was FREAKING OUT in the store so S snapped this pic of me!
4. We at lunch on Saturday at The Swamp after Kate suggested it and A said it was probably a really good first place to try.
5. I had the gator tacos and a Swamprita. It was delicious, but I could have used a little more salad with my dressing, lol.
6. Sunday I came home and immediately started reading one of the other books I picked up at Books-a-Million, Twisted Perfection by Abbi Glines and it was so good. I can't put down the second book Simple Perfection.

We are now ONE month from Book Bash and I've been a reading fool, yet I don't even think I've seen the worst of it yet. I'm really struggling with getting a system down of reading things before I go, but I'm hoping to work on that today. I really want to be prepared for this year.

How was your weekend?

Friday, May 16, 2014

Five Favs on Friday

T. G. I. F. Friends!!!

I am sooo ready for the weekend and Monday off just sounds like the icing on the cake. I'm headed out of town this weekend with friends, and I'm really looking forward to it. I've also had several projects in the works that I really need to focus on so I can start checking them off my list! I'm so ADHD/OCD I have a list of everything I need or want to do but when I get home I have so many distractions.

A reminded me we have 100 DAYS until we leave for England, his cute little emoji graphic.

1 - Fav Song

I was not much of a fan when I first heard this, but now I'm absolutely lovin' it!

2 - Fav RAoK

I'm always amazed by the generosity in the Blogging Community to help each other out. There are a couple of campaigns you can help raise money for by simply purchasing prints. I'm purchasing mine this weekend. I've had a hard time choosing which color's for the Do Good print! I'm thinking the Psalm 139 print would be good for my mom and aunt!

3 - Fav Funny

People are constantly posting random crap on Facebook and this came through my feed yesterday and had me mouthing "W.T.F." for reals.

4 - Fav Book Series

Yes, another series!!I've already read this series and I'm currently doing a re-read of it because I needed a refresher to lead into the rest of the Rosemary Beach series that revolves around other characters than just Rush and Blaire. I love Rush, I even have a Rush Crush t-shirt that I'm wearing today! I remember completely devouring this series in like 3 days last Summer and you will want to start with Fallen Too Far where you can develop your own #rushcrush!

5 - Fav Find

I love this Happily Ever After printable FREEBIE!

Giveaway time with some fellow bloggers and a special girl I'm sponsoring this month Rachael!

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Book Review: Happenstance by Jamie McGuire + Book Bash Tickets Giveaway!!

Congrats to Kerry for winning the Happy dance for Happenstance comment giveaway! Looking forward to reading your review!

Now, onto this fabulous Novella. Yes, it's a Novella and only about 100 pages so you'll get just a glimpse into the life of Erin Easter. Two more installments are due out over the next year. Follow Jamie McGuire for more info about her upcoming work.

Happenstance by Jamie McGuire was one of my anticipated book releases this month and I loved it!!

Synopsis: #1 New York Times Bestseller Jamie McGuire returns to self-publishing with this page-turning YA account of Erin Easter, one of three Erins in the small senior class of rural Blackwell High School who not only share a first name, but also their birthday. Easter, raised by a neglectful single mom, keeps to herself and admires Weston Gates from afar. The other Erins, Erin "Alder" Alderman and Erin "Sonny" Masterson are the darlings of the community: daughters of the two wealthiest families in town, best friends, cheerleaders, and everything Easter isn't--and they never let her forget it. Alder has even claimed Weston since the 8th grade.

Weston is a well-liked star athlete, and the son of two prominent attorneys. He struggles daily with the pressures of living up to his family name and secretly empathizes with Easter's feeling that she belongs somewhere else; in a different life. Not until he begins sneaking nights out with Easter does he gain the courage to buck expectations and acknowledge his feelings ... both for his future, and for her.

A shocking tragedy rocks the tiny town, and Easter's life is turned upside down in the best way possible. But when the truth is revealed and everything she thinks she wanted falls into her lap, life only becomes more complicated.


Since I was aware of the fact that this was a novella, I had no problem with not getting the "whole story." We're introduced to THREE Erin's that live in the small town of Blackwell, Oklahoma and have lived there their entire lives. The girls share not only a name, but also a birthday.

Naturally they were friends from the beginning, having grown up in the same town with two similarities, but that's where those similarities end. Unlike the other two Erin's Easter as she's nicknamed to tell them all apart has grown up with a hard life. Her mother is a single parent and her home life is a struggle. Then, in fifth grade their friendship falls apart and she's left to fend for herself against the popular "mean girls" for her duration in the small town.

What did I love about this? We get to see Weston finally not only show interest in her, but stand up for her. Unfortunately Weston has a girlfriend :( You'll just have to read Happenstance to find out how their story turns out! *wink*

I made a couple of teaser images with my favorite quotes and shared them on Instagram. Make sure you're following me!

About Jamie McGuire

Jamie McGuire was born in Tulsa, OK. She attended the Northern Oklahoma College, the University of Central Oklahoma, and Autry Technology Center where she graduated with a degree in Radiography.

Her 2012 novel, Walking Disaster™ debuted at #1 on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. She has also written bestselling contemporary romance Beautiful Disaster™, and the Providence™ series. Her latest books include an apocalyptic thriller, Red Hill™ and a novella, A Beautiful Wedding™.

Jamie now lives on a ranch just outside Enid, OK with her three children and husband Jeff, who is a real, live cowboy. They share their 30 acres with six horses, three dogs, and Rooster the cat.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks

I'm also giving away TWO tickets to Book Bash!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Book Review: Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren

I don't think I can adequately express just how excited I was for this book! I mean, I loved Beautiful Stranger's Max and how his story played out with Sara so much that I had no doubt that Christina Lauren would blow me away as they have with every book they've continued to put out. *giggles* Accents really do me in.

Congrats to Adrean for winning the COMPLETE set of Beautifuls provided by Gallery Books!

Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren

Synopsis: One-night stands are supposed to be with someone convenient, or wickedly persuasive, or regrettable. They aren’t supposed to be with someone like him.

But after a crazy Vegas weekend celebrating her college graduation—and terrified of the future path she knows is a cop-out—Mia Holland makes the wildest decision of her life: follow Ansel Guillaume—her sweet, filthy fling—to France for the summer and just…play.

When feelings begin to develop behind the provocative roles they take on, and their temporary masquerade adventures begin to feel real, Mia will have to decide if she belongs in the life she left because it was all wrong, or in the strange new one that seems worlds away.
Sweet Filthy Boy (Wild Seasons, #1)


Mia is exactly how I imagine I should have been after college graduation and even throughout college. Daring, vibrant and completely spontaneous. I mean, Vegas for graduation with your girlfriends, waking up next to a swoonworthy hottie with an accent and then *throws confetti* surprise!

I love how Ansel and Mia meet, making their second and third encounters that much more memorable. When one things leads to another, and soon she's actually following him to Paris I was wishing I could just be her, but things aren't always red roses and mimosas in the morning. When you live with someone you don't even know, you find out exactly what they're like and even the newness of any relationship is no longer there to get you through.

Somehow, they make it through the ups and downs. I wasn't too sure when they brought in role playing. I felt it was believable but maybe a little over the top. *shrug* Who's to say that isn't reality for some people, but for two people that threw their inhibitions out the window only weeks before, I didn't really see it coming. Not to say I didn't enjoy seeing that side of them, it just wasn't my favorite.

The love and the passion they eventually find again, after the awkward living together phase, was what really sold me on their story. This next part was my swoon moment!

His lips find my neck, my jaw, and he's sucking and nibbling. His breath is warm and minty and he's whispering in French, some words I can't translate but don't need to. I hear love and life and mine and sorry and then his hands are cupping my face and his mouth is on mine, eyes wide and fingers shaking on my jaw.

Doesn't that just make you tear up because it's so romantically beautiful? Probably only me, but that's okay because I'm a romantic to my very core and I think Ansel is the whole package. Every girl needs a sweet, filthy boy to make her their entire world.

For most of the book things are all la dee dee and you (or at least I was) are anticipating the climax, that other shoe to drop. I was shocked when I found out how it would all go down and then *sigh* it ends just before I really want it to, you know?

Thanks so much to the girls and their team for another smash hit! Be on the lookout for the next in the Wild Seasons Series, Dirty Rowdy Thing coming in November!

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Target

About Christina Lauren

Lauren Billings (but everyone calls her Lo) has a Ph.D. in neuroscience and before she made writing her full-time job, would spend her days doing nerdy research-type things wearing a lab coat and goggles. She is silly Mommy to two littles, wife to one mountain biking homebrewing scientist, bestie to a shoe-stealer, and an unabashed lover of YA and romance.

Christina Hobbs (but you’ll always hear Lo call her PQ) used to spend her days in a junior high counseling office surrounded by teenagers. Married to the cutest boy in school, she has a thirteen year old daughter, is an unapologetic lover of boy bands and glitter, and also likes to steal Lo’s shoes.

You can follow their shenanigans at:

@lolashoes (Lauren) & @seeCwrite (Christina) on Twitter. On Tumblr! where we post kissing gifs and writerly stuff and Wattpad for short stories and sneak peeks!

For official information about their books, events, interviews, movie news and more, follow @beautifulbastrd.

I was provided with a copy of Sweet Filthy Boy in exchange for my honest review.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Freakin' Weekend with Reading + Shopping!!

Oh Lordy, I was a reading fool this week so I'm not looking forward to the review posts...I really just don't think I'm that good of a reviewer but I'm trying my best peeps!

I started getting prepped and ready for Book Bash *throws up hands* I have so much to do I really just need one day of planning for all of the things I have to do in the next TWO months that are slowly creeping by. On to the weekend in pics!

1. Went outlet shopping with Mom Saturday for Mother's Day and I bought a dress. No, it's not the one pictured because I found a cheaper one in black I can wear everyday *sticks out tongue*
2. My parents picked tomatoes at a local farm for $2 a bucket. If you're in the Sarasota / Tampa area, check out Hunsader Farms! We've been to their Pumpkin Festival and it very much reminds me of Fall Festivals back home!
3. I finally got to read Happenstance on Sunday and made some graphics to use when I do my book review this week. *swoon*
4. I also finally got to read Rush too Far and OMG it was just as amazing as I remember Blaire's POV being. I definitely have a Rush Crush!

If someone wants to honestly read and review Happenstance (it's only 100 pages), I'll give one away if you leave a comment and include "Happy dance for Happenstance" in your comment below using and announce when I do my review Thursday!

Winner of the Beautiful Bastard Series will be announced tomorrow (as long as they're confirmed) when I give you my swoony Ansel aka Sweet Filthy Boy review!

Hope you had a fab weekend! Tell me all about it. I can get out the lounger if you want :)